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Healthcare Consumerism is fundamentally changing the entire healthcare delivery system, forcing providers to differentiate on retail value propositions like cost, convenience and on-demand digital experience. As a result, hospital c-suites including, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, and CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) must work together to embrace the consumer-driven landscape and redefine strategic roadmaps that enable great experiences with patient engagement at the center.

This webinar, featuring CHRISTUS Health, one of the top 10 Catholic healthcare systems across the globe and a leader in healthcare consumer experience, illustrates how organizations that commit to holistic consumer approaches and invest in tools that tailor marketing to individuals’ unique needs can leverage the consumer experience as a competitive weapon. Other organizations with siloed c-suites will increasingly struggle to gain the attention of consumers, ultimately, losing market share to competitors who deliver.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain why embracing a holistic approach that incorporates the entire c-suite sets healthcare systems up for success in the age of Healthcare Consumerism
  • Analyze the steps taken by CHRISTUS Health to become a consumer-centric provider in the early days of Healthcare Consumerism
  • Compare the outcomes of health systems who tailor marketing efforts towards individual consumers with those that don’t
Rupen Patel
Rupen Patel
Chief Executive Officer
Influence Health
Preston Gee
Preston Gee
Vice President, Strategy Marketing