Choosing the Best CMS for Healthcare

If you’re being honest, you probably have a lot of frustration with your current healthcare CMS.

Today’s healthcare provider organizations feel pressure to compete with the digital experiences other industries create for their consumers. Traditional web content management systems (WCMS) cripple marketing leaders’ attempts to develop seamless, personalized digital consumer experiences spanning responsive websites, mobile apps, social channels, and other digital touchpoints. So, IT leaders are left with the challenge of finding a web CMS platform, really a digital experience management (DXM) tool, that can satisfy both their own requirements for a secure, scalable, and easily supported solution with marketing’s needs for speed and ease of use in content editing, authoring, and cross-channel publishing.

In the realm of healthcare consumerism, selecting the right technology is critical.

Can you read the signs of struggle that show it’s time for your organization to invest in a healthcare CMS more suited for customer experience management?

Do you understand the balance of needs between marketing and IT teams that has to happen for broader organizational success?

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