Physician Outreach Software Adoption

Your organization made a significant investment to assist and track the physician outreach effort at your healthcare organization. A physician relationship management tool is being used to track and store data, document field intelligence and manage physician relationships. When utilized properly, your physician outreach software will dramatically change the way your physician liaison team has been doing business by improving the communication between the organization and its physicians and by proving ROI for physician outreach efforts.

But, in order to maximize your physician outreach tools, the team must all be on board with adopting them into the workflow. Implementing a user adoption strategy is critical to a successful deployment. Here are some best practices, recommended by industry leaders, to drive user adoption:

  1. Visible leadership support is a must – The hospital leadership needs to utilize this tool as often as the physician liaison team. Bring it out during team meetings and refer to the various features found in the tool. Lead by example.
  2. Incorporate the tool into the daily work flow – Communicate all the ways the tool can streamline daily activities to the physician liaison team. Eliminate any workarounds like excel spreadsheets and hand-written notes. Make it a policy – if it’s not documented in the tool then it didn’t happen.
  3. Link the tool’s use to the physician outreach compensation plan and job description – Incentives will drive adoption. Support high adopters by providing access to additional resources (ex: conference attendance).
  4. Provide education and training resources – If the physician outreach team does not know how to use the tool or understand the benefits it will not get used. Training needs to support the sales process and the organization’s strategic goals. Use physician outreach real-life examples to demonstrate the actual use of the tool.
  5. Identify best practices and celebrate success – Acknowledge those that are using the tool, how they are using it and their outcomes. Many times people need examples on how to apply technology to their work activities.

Incorporating these best practices in your physician outreach team will positively impact the user adoption rate, lead to more effective physician outreach and validate of the team’s successes. Ultimately, your physician outreach software will enhance relationships with physicians and grow market share at your organization.