Finding the 'Ideal Look' in Healthcare

I have a confession. I absolutely love shopping. In fact, as a 17 year old, I thought I wanted to be a personal shopper for my future career. Why? Because I thought I could do what I loved every day by shopping for people who didn’t have the time or desire to shop for themselves.

Needless to say, I realized being a personal shopper was an unrealistic long-term dream, not a career I could be passionate about for a lifetime. Through my college marketing curriculum, I learned that I needed to focus more on my customers’ wants and needs and focus less on my personal style preferences. I needed to learn more about the audience I was marketing to.

I recognized that one of the keys to getting people to buy-in was about creating an experience tailored just for them. Similar to a personal shopper, the goal is to navigate through all the options, and choose only the ones that are relevant, beneficial and motivating to the person – the specific pieces that come together to create an ideal look.

Or in another word: personalization.

I never thought about how all of that would relate to healthcare until I started to work for MEDSEEK. The idea of personalizing a healthcare consumer experience is becoming synonymous with conversion. The shift towards personalization in healthcare is all about engaging the consumer, where they want to be engaged. Not just because of the content they view (content-centric), but more specifically tailored to the user and what this user wants to consume (user-centric). Personalization is going beyond the “click.” It becomes geared toward predicting what the user really wants and needs based on their preferences and history. Technological advances are making personalization obligatory and the one size fits all marketing tactics are becoming a trend of the past.

But how do healthcare organizations get to the paramount of distinction? Using data, healthcare technology, predictive analytics and market research, healthcare organizations can efficiently integrate personalization into their content, educational pieces, public website and their patient portal.

Fashion and healthcare evolve constantly, and while fads come and go, there are key competencies that become a part of the industry. While I’ve put a career in personal shopping behind me, as a healthcare marketer, I realize my constant goal will still be to create an ideal look—a healthy and knowledgeable healthcare consumer.

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