Reputation Management by Influence Health

Reputation Management by Influence Health

Leverage online reviews to your advantage -- improve star ratings, search rankings, and conversions.

Today, patients can express their voices in a powerful way, and your marketing success depends on Reputation Management. Healthcare Reputation Management is a software solution that provides real-time insights into the things people are saying about your locations and providers online as well as the tools you need to engage healthcare consumers around positive and negative mentions or reviews. Available by subscription, the comprehensive cloud-based solution is easy to use and requires no IT support.


Prioritize Relevance of Mentions & Review Sentiments to Save Valuable Time

The number of reviews and conversations occurring online is beyond your capacity to monitor and manage. That's why the Reputation Management solution allows you to create a list of custom searches based on relevant keywords. The system then combs through all corners of the internet, compiles everything being said about your organization, and delivers relevant mentions straight to your dashboard. The system also automatically determines the tone of a mention and attaches a Sentiment rating, making it easy for you to quickly see if a review was mostly positive or mostly negative. Trust a system that tracks every Tweet, blog post, and more to provide a complete understanding of what people are saying 24/7.

Respond Quickly to Negative Reviews and Manage with Automated Workflow

Positive reviews are wonderful, but negative reviews also provide a great opportunity to engage consumers and create a more favorable lasting impression. When you use the review solicitation feature, you control which reviews go public and which stay private. The system separates and prioritizes negative reviews automatically, so you can quickly intercept and respond to consumer concerns.

Boost Positive Reviews by Engaging Provider's Most Satisfied Patients

If providers need help boosting their SEO rankings or building their credibility online, you can use the Review Generation tools to solicit patient reviews and ask positive reviewers to share their experiences online to build a stronger digital presence. Help locations and providers improve their star ratings and visibility in search by soliciting patient reviews and encouraging patients to share positive experiences online.

Advance Beyond Your Competition with Intelligent Insights


Compare local search terms and see which words you should be focusing on to rank higher.


Monitor competitor's campaigns so you know when to adjust your strategy.


Track Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare analytics closely, to benchmark yourself against your biggest competitors.