Healthcare CRM

Healthcare CRM from Influence Health

The consumer data and insights you need to excel at cross-channel, behavior-driven marketing.

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Influence Health’s healthcare customer relationship management (Healthcare CRM) solution gives healthcare marketers and their martech systems real-time access to rich consumer data and insights, powering personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns that deliver a compelling ROI. It makes it easy to pinpoint the ideal targets for every campaign, personalize marketing messages to improve response, and measure multi-channel campaign effectiveness and ROI to inform future decisions.

Prepare Your Consumer Data for Personalized Marketing

Influence Health’s Healthcare CRM brings a health system’s clinical, financial, and behavioral marketing data together to enrich it with a comprehensive set of consumer demographic data from Experian, apply advanced scoring and segmentation models, and put it through an extreme data hygiene process that prepares it for use in both offline and online campaigns.

A standards-based API approach makes this valuable consumer-specific data accessible to marketing automation systems, web content management systems, contact center applications, and any other marketing system capable of using hospital CRM data to personalize content and offers.


Identify Your Ideal Audience

Healthcare CRM technology applies powerful analytics to your rich marketing database to help you create a list of targeted groups of consumers most likely to need and respond to service-line or procedure-based marketing campaigns.

Everyone needs new patients, but you want the right ones – those most likely to benefit from your highly valued services and keep coming back for additional healthcare needs and services. We get that, so our approach to patient acquisition is unique – we start by identifying your best patients, then help you find prospects in your market who look just like them.

Creating a list is easy – simply select from a comprehensive library of “Ideal Target” formulas to quickly pinpoint the best prospects, qualified prospects, or patients for your campaign, apply filters, and refine your counts to match your campaign budget.

Track and Report in Real-Time

Demonstrate that your print and digital marketing campaigns are producing results and achieve a higher ROI by connecting campaign activity to leads to appointments and procedure revenue. Track multi-channel campaigns with real-time dashboards and visualizations, or run advanced reports to connect your hospital’s revenue to leads and leads to campaign activity.

Marketing Effectiveness Reporting from Influence Health’s Healthcare CRM provides insights into previous and current campaigns, connecting revenue and campaign activity to individual consumers and providers. Now you can analyze your ongoing campaign responses alongside financial performance with real-time dashboards and reports, so you can confidently recommend doing more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

Experts Included

Every subscription includes Managed Services, providing hands-on assistance from our team of healthcare CRM experts to ensure success.

IT & Security Approved

A state-of-the-art tech stack plus robust data security and analytics techniques withstand scrutiny from even the most discerning critics.

Speed to Value

License the Healthcare CRM whenever you’re ready. Once you commit, your CRM database can be up and running in as few as 30 days.