Digital Marketing System by Influence Health

Reach More Consumers

Extend your healthcare marketing reach across both organic and paid digital channels. Win better ranking in local search through reputation management that garners more positive reviews and higher star ratings. Combine with management for consistent, accurate directory listings so you “show up” when consumers search.

As healthcare’s only certified Facebook Marketing Partner, we offer a deep level of Facebook marketing expertise and a HIPAA-compliant marketing system connected directly to the Facebook Ads API. Sophisticated Custom Audience Targeting promotes service lines and procedures via campaigns focused on new patient acquisition, service line growth, and website retargeting, all tracked and optimized in real-time to help you reach your goals.

As a Certified Google Partner, connected directly to the Google AdWords API, every campaign can be managed from a central location, across channels. Our healthcare digital marketing experts help you with Google keyword research, bid optimization, ad purchases, and launches and also help measure performance results well beyond the click down to the phone call, form fill, appointment, and procedure.

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Nurture Leads Across Touchpoints

Continue to nurture leads and patient relationships with personalized email campaigns deployed directly from the Digital Marketing System console. Email consumers based on status, upload custom email lists, associate trackable phone numbers and landing pages to the email campaign, and track all leads generated by a single or multiple campaigns. Build a Custom Facebook Audience comprised of visitors to your website or campaign landing pages and re-engage the consumers who don’t convert by displaying related ads directly in their Facebook Newsfeeds.

Print campaigns remain highly effective for promoting healthcare services and, when combined with your digital strategy, can form an ideal multi-channel marketing program. Using digital variable print capabilities, the Digital Marketing System can leverage demographic data to include relevant imagery, content, and calls-to-action on print pieces tailored to audiences most likely to respond favorably to offline messages. Variable newsletters allow you to reach your patients directly with health and promotional articles most relevant to them.

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Measure Performance in Real-Time

Our Digital Marketing System provides a single intuitive console to measure and manage leads for every campaign you’re running — yes, even the offline ones. From the first soft touchpoints around awareness — through scheduling, return visits, and billing — lead management helps you track individual consumers to make sure they’re receiving appropriate nurturing and contact.

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Improve Campaign Performance

Our marketing managed services team’s extensive digital healthcare marketing background allows them to recommend the channel and approach that data and experience demonstrate will work best to achieve your specific campaign goals. They also utilize real-time insights to know when your campaign is performing, and when it’s not, and will make adjustments in real-time to maximize your budget. Using the Digital Marketing System’s sophisticated tracking and management capabilities, you’ll be able to see where leads might be dropping off, to help you improve, grow, and drive revenue.

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Report on Your Success

Gain actionable insights from reports on your campaigns to better understand which tactics to repeat and which to adjust. Downstream results speak volumes about your effectiveness, and the Digital Marketing System’s reporting capabilities ensure your wins are visible and attributable.

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