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Content Management System

Create compelling, integrated digital experiences on your hospital website, independent of IT.

Build Better Experiences

Influence Health's Content Management System allows users to create sophisticated hospital websites, landing pages, micro sites, and mobile sites with an intuitive authoring and editing platform that, once set up, anyone can use − no coding required. As a Healthcare CMS, its sophisticated security and access control model provides a straightforward way to maintain control over brand integrity, workflow, or other elements where compliance is a desire or requirement. Prepare and manage content such as images, videos, and other digital assets for reuse across every digital channel. Shared permission-based access gives you the flexibility and control to maintain brand consistency regardless of format or location.

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Heather MonackeyPublic Relations SupervisorWakeMed Health & Hospitals
"Our [new] website performs well on all different platforms. Even though there are always changes being made to the site, I think we now have a really flexible platform that easily accomplishes our evolving goals."

Engage Healthcare Consumers On a Personal Level


Identify target segments, compile relevant content, and deliver timely, valuable subject matter via multiple channels − smartphone, tablet, website, and more. Use event- and behavior-triggered marketing to deliver personalized content in real-time in any target environment. Personalized content elements may be rendered as HTML pages, ASPX, JSP, XML, JSON, JavaScript, images, videos, or anything else required for either the healthcare website experience or for delivery to external systems.

Quickly and cost effectively deliver the healthcare-specific content and capabilities consumers value most when visiting a hospital website. Leverage Influence Health's advanced out-of-the-box healthcare components such as Provider Directory, Classes & Events, Locations, Services, and more to launch your experiences faster and deliver phenomenal conversion results.

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Launch Content at Scale

Maintain brand standards and quality control with a framework/component-based approach that cuts implementation times in half. The true, multi-tenant SaaS-based architecture allows developers to build and deploy as many projects simultaneously as needed – and release them on independent timelines. Regional marketers can control and modify templates for their sites themselves.

Influence Health’s CMS architecture is separated into two conceptual areas: content management and content delivery. This separation, called decoupled deployment, is key to the platform’s ability to support digital content delivery on any device via any channel, regardless of the underlying technology. Unlike traditional Content Management Systems that try to dictate where you can go with your hospital website design, Influence Health provides total design freedom.

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Optimize Performance and Conversions

Derive actionable insights about consumer content preferences and content conversion performance to improve your content strategy and content marketing in real-time. In a single dashboard, you get targeting and A/B testing results, social media analytics, and conversion results.

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Maximize Investments and Partnerships

Marketing teams can struggle to move their projects ahead with limited available bandwidth from their busy IT teams. Influence Health ensures marketing succeeds by taking care of all the day-to-day tasks of content management in a complex platform. We handle everything from hardware and software maintenance to testing and performance optimization, security compliance, and more.

Our Content Management System’s decoupled architecture makes it easy to integrate seamlessly with enterprise, CRM, marketing automation, and analytics platforms. Leverage a growing library of pre-built connectors that are made available for immediate re-use across all implementations and instances.

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