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Deliver the experiences consumers crave, with the platform marketers love and IT trusts.

Today's consumers are making decisions about healthcare differently and are choosing providers that offer a more convenient, personalized experience.

The cloud-based Consumer Experience Platform gives you all the tools you need to get deep insights into your consumers, deliver relevant and timely offers across multiple channels, test your content, and measure marketing performance, with little dependence on IT.

Designed specifically to meet the stringent privacy and security requirements of healthcare, the Consumer Experience Platform provides a 360-degree view of individual prospects and patients based on insights gathered through online and offline interactions.

You can deliver content and offers based on each consumer's unique health interests, even when those interests change.

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CXP Overview

Content Management System

Quickly launch hospital websites, landing pages, and consistent brand experiences for all screens and devices without increasing costs or complexity, and without overly relying on IT. Everything, and we mean everything, you need to succeed is included: a web content management system, powerful healthcare applications, a digital asset management system, and a quality management system.

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Digital Marketing System

Harness the power of the only multi-channel marketing system built for healthcare. Deliver and personalize campaigns across all your online and offline channels. Manage your data, track your leads, and monitor the performance of your cross-channel campaigns from one place, or let our team of healthcare digital marketing experts do it for you.

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Customer Relationship Management

This time, your marketing plan will work because you're going to know your consumers — everything from their healthcare risks, to their preferences, to their expectations. Our healthcare CRM brings together all your valuable consumer data from online and offline sources so you can easily identify high-value audience segments, leverage rich consumer data for personalization, and measure the downstream ROI of every campaign.

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