Complimentary Solutions

Complementary Solutions

Clinical Portal

Gain instant visibility to support faster, more informed diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Treating a patient — and in some situations saving a life — depends on timely access to patient information residing in disparate systems. Connect is a proven web-based clinical portal with a reputation for high physician satisfaction and rapid adoption. The secure solution displays vital patient information stored in disparate, federated systems in one comprehensive, configurable, mobile-friendly view. Detailed audit reporting helps protect patient privacy and ensure data security.

Improve Care, Quality, and Coordination Without Consolidating Systems

Using a standards-based integration approach, Connect instantly retrieves patient data stored in disparate systems and displays it in one comprehensive view for care team members across the connected health system. There is no need to rip and replace existing IT systems or wait for your EHR consolidation project to be completed to start improving care coordination and quality outcomes. Connect provides an EHR download feature that gives physicians the option to download patient information into file formats that can be consumed by many of the most common ambulatory EHR systems.

Increase Patient Satisfaction with Faster Treatment Times

With real-time patient data such as allergies, medications, past hospitalizations, blood bank, and other vital information at their fingertips, physicians are able to quickly review a patient’s medical history and make the appropriate care decisions, reducing treatment times and dramatically improving patient satisfaction.

Save Time and Cost with Instant Access to Prior Test Results

Connect gives providers the ability to securely and quickly access comprehensive, vital patient records so care can be administered more timely and cost-eciently.

Save Providers Valuable Time and Effort with Custom User Preferences

Connect is a highly configurable application with a modular user interface that can be configured by each provider to best meet their clinical needs and personal preferences.

Protect Patient Privacy with Secure User Authentication and Auditing

Advanced system auditing and reporting capabilities give security oces the ability to monitor use of the portal by all users, ensuring patient data is never compromised. Connect complies with security standards upheld by HIPAA.