Posted: December 26, 2017

The call-to-action (CTA) is the ultimate exclamation point for every piece of effective marketing. Healthcare marketing is no different, though an effective CTA for healthcare services can cover a wide range of topics, depending on your goal.

Finding a CTA that produces high conversions isn't an easy task, and researching multiple CTAs over several different iterations is often required to find which versions work better than others. Complicating matters, calls-to-action are never one size fits all – a CTA that provides excellent results for a family practice is not going to be as effective for a rehabilitation clinic.

Looking for assistance in selecting the best CTA for your specific healthcare marketing campaign? Here are some different examples that can point you in the right direction, as well as which types of healthcare practice these CTAs are most appropriate for. Take these examples as a guideline to get you started. As with all your marketing efforts, you can, and should, routinely test CTAs for effectiveness.

The “Call Now/Schedule Now" Button
In digital marketing, nothing drives engagement as well as being able to schedule appointments at your leisure, whether it's first thing in the morning or late at night, without having to wait for a person to answer the phone or return a call. Presenting consumers with an automated appointment scheduling system over the internet provides high levels of convenience.

If direct or on-demand online scheduling isn't an option, having a link to a phone number can also be beneficial. Providing patients the ability to call an office to schedule an appointment from their mobile phone without having to navigate fillable online forms on a tiny screen offers a different kind of convenience, one that's increasingly expected and desired.

Because scheduling appointments is a universal need for all types of healthcare practices, a “call now" or “schedule now" button is just as universal. Nearly every type of practice or service line will benefit from such an addition.

“Learn More" or “Download" Buttons
Education is a crucial part of establishing a relationship between patient and provider. Offering opportunities for patients and consumers to gain accurate knowledge about medical conditions and treatment options establishes trust, casts a provider as a reliable source of information, and can assuage fears and anxieties on the part of a patient.

Offering additional materials in this manner is highly customizable and adaptable. Orthopedic practices can offer information on knee strengthening exercises, while dermatology clinics can offer educational materials on Botox treatments — the possibilities are endless.

As long as the information within is presented in a clear, accurate, and positive manner, providing downloadable guides, ebooks, or brochures on treatments is a solid healthcare marketing tactic.

Best Practice Tip: We use “Learn More” as a standard CTA to A/B test against.

Promotion of Community Event CTAs
Establishing strong ties with the local community should be a goal of any healthcare practice. With so much of healthcare marketing relying on trust, it's this type of cause marketing that will bolster loyalty with current patients and increase word-of-mouth marketing to other local consumers. So promoting or sponsoring community events, such as local sports teams or scholastic achievements, is always a good opportunity. Building trust is crucial to the consumer experience, and this type of trust takes time and multiple touch points.

Depending on the type of event and the level of involvement, most healthcare practices can benefit from marketing to the local community. For example, a general summer festival or community appreciation event is a perfect opportunity for a family practice, while an event designed to raise awareness for breast cancer would be ideal for an oncology specialist or an OB/GYN office to promote.

Marketing these events means providing clear CTAs to bolster attendance, while walking a fine line not to appear to overly promotional. The community must be front and center, not the specific practice. If you plan on collecting leads or meeting prospects at the event, be sure you're following HIPAA regulations. Before the event, try including a CTA for the opportunity to “Meet our Staff" at the event, a great way to break the ice and begin building trust.

The Final Word
As any marketing tactic involves a certain amount of trial and error, finding and implementing the best CTA for your campaign is going to require fine tuning and paying attention to your conversion metrics. Make sure you're A/B or multivariate testing call-to-actions on your website and in your multi-channel campaigns — including testing subject lines in emails or display advertising. Look to other, similar organizations for ideas or simply ask your happiest patients what made them convert. Remember, it's part of the process to fail. If you're not testing, you're not learning, and you need to do both to improve your chances of conversion.

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