Posted: March 7, 2017

Alright stop. Collaborate and listen. IH is back with a brand new invention.

Yeah, it’s a little silly, but cool things are happening at Influence Health right now, specifically around our tech stack and the projects we’re working on, so we figured it’s time to share some of what’s getting us pumped up to come into work, a little of the magic sauce that motivates us to keep pushing forward in such a crowded field.

I’m the Vice President of Architecture at Influence Health, and my main focus of work right now is our consumer platform. I work with people like Michael Sengbusch and Matt Ledom and have a talented team of engineers I manage that’s spread out across Atlanta, Birmingham, Madison, and more. Since I started and ran my own successful tech company before coming to Influence Health, I have experience working with a lot of different technologies, but the tech stack and possibilities IH presented really drew me in.

Open Source is Everything

For starters, I don’t know many programmers that just love developing in the same, narrow architecture all the time. Our whole stack is based on open source technology, which is funny because we used to be known as a big Microsoft .NET shop. We use Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Scala, and Java. We’re building on top of a whole open source ecosystem.

Developers are Creative Too

Part of what excites me about open source technology and the specific work we’re doing at IH is the creativity it encourages. With open source software you have access to look at the source code. You can see exactly what’s going on, so you’re constantly learning and growing your skills.

Our tech stack is focused on solving problems at a high scale with large amounts of data. We work with large-scale data from healthcare and marketing databases. We’re implementing machine learning analytics solutions using exciting frameworks like PANDAS, MLlib, and tensorflow to provide key insights to our customers about this data.

The Roadmap Sells Itself

We’re working to provide capabilities similar to those of retail giants like Amazon. Healthcare decisions are not made in a vacuum. It is crucial to engage the consumer in a long-term conversation about his or her healthcare needs, to track the touch points through awareness, engagement, acquisition, and loyalty marketing campaigns along with clinical encounters. This data must be brought together so that the right messages are delivered on the right channels to the right consumers.

Our products are maturing. They increasingly integrate with one another and with third parties like Facebook and Google. It’s really cool to see solid, mature products being constantly updated thanks to the efforts of the amazing people working on them.

It’s this combination of great people and great technology that really makes Influence Health stand out.

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