Posted: September 25, 2017

Healthcare marketing and healthcare technology are rapidly changing, and staying on top of the news can be challenging. Tune in here each week for our roundup of the top stories that impact our industry.

Virtual Reality Offers New Options For Healthcare Data Analysis

From: EMR and EHR

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been interested in virtual reality. In fact, given my long-time gaming habit, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the time when VR-enabled games become part of the consumer mainstream.

Until I read the following article, however, I hadn’t given much thought to how VR technology could be used outside of the consumer sphere. In the article, the author makes a compelling case that VR tools may be the next frontier in big data analytics.

Build A More Engaged Audience For Your Content Marketing With Episodic Video

From: Forbes Welcome

When it comes to video content marketing, embrace the possibilities of serialized video and be skeptical of the one-off clip.

Social Media Starts with People

From: Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media

Editor's Note: This is the first post in a weekly series we're calling #TimelessWisdom. Each Friday, we'll be taking a look back and highlighting one of the contributions from our 2012 book, Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care. Learn more about the series. In the earliest days of the Internet’s life as a public medium, I interviewed interface guru Jared Spool for an article.

These are the top 5 digital innovation priorities for hospitals

From: MedCity News

A recent survey from AVIA and the American Hospital Association zeroed in on how 317 hospital and health system leaders view digital innovation.

Women, millennials are healthcare communications' change agents

From: US Home

Lynn O'Connor Vos, CEO of Grey Health Group told the Medical Marketing & Media Transforming Healthcare conference that medical communicators are going to have to change to adapt to Millennials and the growing decision-making clout of women. NEW YORK: Healthcare communicators are confronting a rapidly changing market due to how consumers, providers, and platforms are changing.

Is Telemedicine the Future of Healthcare? Understanding the Reporting Requirements for Telemedicine Services


EDITOR’S NOTE: National Quality Forum (NQF) issued two new reports this week that provide guidance to advance health information technology, with the intent of making healthcare more effective and safer for all Americans. The terms “telemedicine” and “telehealth” have been used interchangeably in healthcare, but there is a difference.

Telepsychiatry: Advancing Connected Community Models


By Dr. James Varrell

The concept of “connected community” holds great potential for elevating and improving behavioral health outcomes for all patients. Connected communities proactively address a patient’s whole health—both physical and mental—and benefit from a comprehensive, multi-faceted behavioral health strategy.

IDG Contributor Network: 4 ways to halt data thieves


Small- to medium-sized businesses are struggling to reduce the complexity of cybersecurity management while maintaining defenses against a growing threat landscape. Companies traditionally have layered multiple security technologies to bolster their security posture, but technology alone can’t keep up with recognizing and stopping emerging threats. Cybersecurity is now a corporate business continuity concern and should be a line-item in a recovery plan or policy.

Which 10 health tech startups made the cut for the Cedars-Sinai accelerator?

From: MedCity News

Whittled down from roughly 600 applicants, the goals of the 10 companies in the third cohort include improving the patient experience, offering more personalized care plans for cancer treatment, triaging patients faster and making blood sample collection less painful.