Posted: May 22, 2017

Healthcare marketing and healthcare technology are rapidly changing, and staying on top of the news can be challenging. Tune in here each week for our roundup of the top stories that impact our industry.

Creating A Global CX Strategy Calls For Its Own Rules Of Engagement


By embracing these best practices, business leaders can work with their teams to drive an impactful strategy and reach their global audiences with compelling content that inspires brand loyalty and action.

Customer Service In Healthcare: The Paradox Of Patient Satisfaction And Patient Experience

From: Forbes Welcome

Customer service is challenging to deliver in any industry. The challenges multiply in a life-and-death environment such as a hospital or other healthcare institution, where comparisons to external analogs such as hospitality and retail customer service are both valuable and imprecise.

The Road To Post-Merger Success Is Paved With Good Integration


How can senior executives ensure the successful integration of marketing teams when combining companies? Insiders shared 11 best practices with for doing so.

The Sexiest Data in Health IT: Datapalooza 2017

From: EMR and EHR

The data at this conference was the Best Data. The Biggest Data. No one has better data than this conference.

The sexiest data in all of healthIT was highlighted in Washington DC at Datapalooza April 27-28, 2017. One of the main themes was how to deal with social determinants of health and the value of that data. Sachin H. Jain, MD of Caremore Health reminded us that “If a patient doesn’t have food at home waiting for them they won’t get better” social data needs to be in the equation.

The newest faces in hospital C-suites are focusing on patient engagement

From: Healthcare and Health IT News

As the healthcare industry continues to move to value-based care with its emphasis on patient experience and reducing costs, some hospitals and health systems are putting stock in a new leadership role: chief experience officer (CXO). Hospitals that designate a C-suite executive expect to benefit financially from higher patient satisfaction scores and positive publicity. It’s still a relatively new focus in healthcare but it’s growing.

Health plans get low marks for patient engagement in new Healthmine survey

From: MobiHealthNews

A new survey from HealthMine of 750 insured consumers shows that 83 percent of those consumers report using digital health tools. But while the news is good for digital health, it's not as good for health plans, the group that the survey focused on. Seventy-three percent of respondents said their health plan doesn't seem to understand their health well and 60 percent called for more communication from their helath plan on something other than just bills.

The Huffington Post on Flipboard

From: Flipboard

There’s a hidden segment of the older adult population that the healthcare industry has recently spotted. It’s the aging single group of people 55 and over. They are the aged, community-dwelling individuals who are socially and physically isolated, without an available known family member or designated surrogate.