Posted: October 9, 2017

Healthcare marketing and healthcare technology are rapidly changing, and staying on top of the news can be challenging. Tune in here each week for our roundup of the top stories that impact our industry.

How HITRUST Gives Healthcare Organization Executives An Inherent Advantage


By Jenifer Rees, Principal Quality Engineering Consultant and Andrew Hosch, security and development groups, Base2 Solutions

Because healthcare organizations have a great deal of patients’ personal information, including credit card data, insurance details, and sensitive medical information, they are an appealing target for hackers. Hospital data breaches accounted for 34.5-percent of a record-high 1,093 total breaches in 2016.

What’s Next in Healthcare Communications & Marketing: Takeaways from #SHSMD17


This famous Henry Ford quote seemed especially relevant when it was shared by a presenter at last week’s Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (#SHSMD17) Annual Conference in Orlando. Disruptive innovation was a common thread throughout the talks that I attended – and there was a shared understanding that healthcare marketers and communicators need to start thinking beyond the present and anticipate what consumers (yes, consumers, not “patients”) will be wanting 5, 10 or 20 years from now. In their “MarCom to MarTech: What CMO’s Must Do to Succeed in 2017 and Beyond” session, Karen Corrigan of Corrigan ...

Providing medical education through virtual reality video games, LevelEx raises $11M

From: MedCity News

The advantage of its simulator tools over a cadaver or other methods of training is that they can be varied to reflect not only a wide range of conditions, from normal anatomy to rare and complex patient cases, according to LevelEx founder and CEO Sam Glassenberg,

HIMSS 2017 Congressional Asks Address Pressing Health IT Issues


These key legislative policy recommendations reflect opportunities to address some of the most pressing issues facing the health IT community. #NHITWeek

Is My Executive a Good Fit for Social Media? (Preview)

From: Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media

I learn something new every day tuning into my social media accounts to read chatter from those I follow, many of whom are health care executives within influential organizations. I’m intrigued by their knowledge and guidance that helps improve the overall health care system.

Hospitals: Prescribe Social Media Policies and Training to Your Staff!

From: Social Business News

Good hospitals invest much in recruiting the best staff possible. Once new talent arrives at a good hospital, they are nurtured to excel. In a digital age, setting up your staff for success should include clear social media guidelines and training. The failure to do so is to set them up for failure, by inviting social media missteps that could cost them their career, damage the reputation of your institution, and risk the confidentiality of patient information.

Novel technology allows users to interact in virtual reality environment using mouth gestures

From: Health News and Information

Researchers at Binghamton University, State University of New York have developed a new technology that allows users to interact in a virtual reality environment using only mouth gestures. The proliferation of affordable virtual reality head-mounted displays provides users with realistic immersive visual experiences. However, head-mounted displays occlude the upper half of a user's face and prevent facial action recognition from the entire face.

In The Engagement Economy, Advocacy Trumps Loyalty


Brand advocates aren’t always your most loyal customers, but if they’re taking the time to proactively give you feedback and tell their peers about your product, you want to be paying attention.

Tracking Your Marketing Efforts: Why It's Important And How To Start

From: Forbes Welcome

By maintaining a steady analytics process, and making decisions based on data, you can both offer measurable results and prove the value of your efforts.

Video Marketing Isn't The Future: It's Right Here And Now

From: Forbes Welcome

The power of video speaks for itself, so it's time to get digital in your marketing and branding efforts.