Posted: July 3, 2017

Healthcare marketing and healthcare technology are rapidly changing, and staying on top of the news can be challenging. Tune in here each week for our roundup of the top stories that impact our industry.

BrandPost: High Performance Data Analytics: A Q&A with Subject Matter Experts


High Performance Data Analytics: A Q&A with Subject Matter Experts

High performance data analytics (HPDA) is an emerging field born from the convergence of high performance computing (HPC) and data analytics in the cloud era. To explore the HPDA concept, Walker Stemple, an enterprise account manager for Intel, recently sat down for an interview with subject matter experts Bill Magro, an Intel Fellow and chief technologist for HPC software at Intel, and Jimmy Pike, a Dell EMC fellow at Dell EMC who focuses on HPC, machine learning and computing at the edge. This interview has been edited for length ...

The 5 Deadly Sins Of Digital Transformation


Digital technologies and their widespread adoption have created opportunities for radically new business models, unique customer experiences, and streamlined internal processes. If they are deemed to be so strategic, why do so many efforts stall or fail?

Sanofi and Parexel collaborate to study usefulness of wearables in clinical trials

From: MobiHealthNews

Life sciences consulting firm Parexel is teaming up with Sanofi to research the role of wearables in clinical trials. While sensor-enabled devices have increasingly featured in a variety of research projects and studies, their efficacy and accuracy remains a point of debate, and Parexel and Sanofi hope to investigate that question.

Apple CareKit adds cloud connectivity, new prototyping tool

From: MobiHealthNews

Though health and fitness news on the main stage of Apple’s WWDC focused mostly on Apple Watch updates, the team has also added some significant upgrades to Apple CareKit, which were shared at a series of sessions at the conference that are now available online. Among the revelations: Apple has made it easier to connect CareKit apps to hospital back-ends, has created a prototyping tool to make CareKit more accessible to non-developers, and has improved the CareKit UI.

How Do Healthcare Organizations Mitigate Security Risks As They Move More To The Cloud?


By Rich Campagna, SVP Product, Bitglass

Given the high value of healthcare data — Social Security numbers, treatment records, credit information, and more sensitive personal information — the cost of a breach to a hospital or health system can be devastating. The cost per leaked record for healthcare firms topped $402 in 2016, according to Ponemon: is a massive cost given the number of records lost as a result of each hacking-related breach.

Roche acquires mySugr, a digital health business that wants “to make diabetes suck less”

From: MedCity News

The acquisition fits into a growing trend of pharma and medical device companies adding services supporting patient engagement both to quantify and improve the effectiveness of their drugs and devices and to gain additional insight from their customer base.

Midyear Checkup: Is Your CX Program Truly Thriving?


A CX audit that encompasses the entire organization, with multiple team involvement and ownership, is a necessary step to ensuring a strong customer experience engine.

The Impact Of Creativity On Marketing Results

From: Forbes Welcome

Does creativity in excess help or hurt a marketing campaign's true goals?

Visual Media Changes How Humans Consume Information (Infographic) – Adweek


Text was king in the early, primitive days of the Internet, and over time, it has become a more visual medium. According to an infographic from WebDAM, it’s not just the Internet; verbal intelligence is on the decline and visual intelligence is increasing. This all points to a shift in the way humans consume information. With visual IQ on the rise, even educated people are less willing to spend time reading, and the average person is only likely to remember 20 percent of what they read.