April 25, 2017

I’ve been in the healthcare industry for a number of years and I always look forward to attending the Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit (HMPS). This year’s 22nd annual event in Austin, Texas, is particularly exciting because I feel like healthcare is experiencing some really great advancements.

Regardless of the HMPS track, you’ll learn a lot about how to sharpen your skills, to enrich your healthcare brand, and to be more productive. The biggest takeaways I expect will be on the topics of patient and consumer engagement.

HMPS Top Tracks

Analytics, Data & Measurement
Data, big data, enterprise data is the name of the game in healthcare consumer engagement. Predictive modeling capabilities can make a big difference in how we utilize data these days. You need strategies for integrating disparate systems and better utilizing automation to make your consumer relationships and engagement efforts soar. Plus, you have to measure everything, both to learn as you grow and to prove your effort’s worth.

Customer Communication and Engagement
The topic that’s Top of Mind. How and which channels you use to communicate with your patients and consumers is one of the most important components of engagement. Your words matter. Your strategy matters. The channel matters. Each piece needs to work together to create those dynamic digital experiences today’s consumers are looking for from their healthcare providers and organizations.

Interactive and Digital Strategies
Digital strategies cover everything from your hospital website and mobile app to your ability to meet consumer digital expectations already set by industries outside of healthcare. Something as simple as a non-responsive website can turn consumers away. We all need to think beyond what we’ve always done to what our consumers really need, want, and expect.

Strategic Marketing
In healthcare marketing, you generally wear a lot of hats. Without a plan in place, you could be missing out on opportunities to transform your consumers’ experiences in simple ways that repurpose efforts you already have in place. Having a documented strategy is proven to offer marketing teams more effectiveness.

We’re big proponents of consumer engagement at Influence Health. We believe patient engagement is really consumer engagement, and following this path is the only way to success in healthcare. So I’m excited about these four tracks in particular to see how industry thought leaders are approaching this important topic, what insights I can glean, and what tips I can add to my toolbox.

The healthcare marketplace is more competitive than ever. When you’re embarking on offering better consumer engagement experiences through technology, it can help to get the right support and tools in place. You have to think about your entire organization, not just your department, to achieve true greatness. Hopefully we’ll all have a better understanding of the consumer experience road ahead after attending this year’s HMPS.

Stop by and see us at booth 16!

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