While you are preparing to implement your healthcare customer relationship management (HCRM) system, it is important to think through your aspirations and goals for once your technology solution goes live. Whether your goals are revenue generation, brand awareness and loyalty, population health, patient acquisition, or almost any healthcare marketing strategy you can think of … there’s a CRM campaign for that.

Let's take a look at some of these potential healthcare CRM goals to better understand each, so you can begin to think through your strategy and prioritize where you want to begin.

Revenue generation campaigns attract both known patients and as-yet-unknown healthcare consumers to your organization and service lines. The goal is to attract consumers with personalized messages for the services they might need, based on the data you know about them. An example of this would be to communicate with households with children to encourage them to use your express care clinic rather than ER. Another effective use case is bariatric surgery programs.

Patient acquisition campaigns draw new patients to your organization, either for primary care or a specific service line. A new mover campaign is a great way to start. Using your HCRM, you can reach out to families who are new to the area with a phased approach to encourage them to establish care and use your organization when needed. A new movers campaign also supports the goal of brand awareness.

Brand awareness and loyalty campaigns help patients and healthcare consumers alike remember your brand and the services you offer. Brand awareness helps ensure your consumers know about your organization, offerings, and providers. This is especially important if your organization experiences a merger, rebrand, or opens a new facility or gains a new physician. Brand loyalty can help nurture relationships with your patients so they want to continue to see your physicians and use your services. With this goal in mind, a “thank you” communication to patients who have visited your facility recently to encourage them to make their next appointment could help inspire repeat visits and loyalty.

Population health campaigns often encourage healthcare consumers and patients to see a primary care physician for preventive care or leverage health risk assessments to promote early intervention for certain chronic or degenerative conditions. By targeting based on ages, propensities, and current medical visits on file, you can reach out to healthcare consumers to encourage them to schedule an overdue physical, get appropriate vaccinations, or schedule a screening they need. To read more about how to utilize your CRM for population health initiatives, read the article How to Utilize Your Healthcare CRM for Population Health.

While these are just some of the goals and high level campaign examples to meet those healthcare marketing goals, we encourage you to think BIG. We're here to help you brainstorm ideas to meet your goals, based on your individual market, your CRM data, and your strategic organizational plans.

Want a deeper look at what’s possible with a modern healthcare-specific CRM? Check out our infographic, Practical Use Cases to Drive Healthcare CRM Success.