So you are locked into a new CRM… You’re excited & ready to get started.. But now what?

It’s time to plan for implementation.

They say it takes a village. And well… successfully launching and managing your healthcare CRM is no exception.

You need a cross-functional team from your organization involved from the very beginning. This dream team should consist of Executive Leadership, Marketing, IT/Data, and Finance.

Let's dig deeper into which individuals to engage on your CRM committee and their roles and time commitment needed.

Executive sponsor – This is your chief supporter. Whether this be your CEO, CMO, VP of Marketing, or other executive, this person should have a high level awareness of the project and be there to review the plan, process, and support the project. The executive sponsor should plan to devote 2 of their hours each week on CRM.  

CRM manager – This fearless leader is involved in all aspects of the CRM database from implementation to strategic planning, to campaign execution. A chunk of their work week will be devoted to the CRM project for 10+ hours.

Creative representative – Your creative arm develops or assists with copy and design for your campaigns. They run point on digital ads, direct mail, and email. Your creative genius should plan on at least 2-3 hours a week for your CRM assets.

Finance – Having finance involved from the beginning is key to helping prove your success throughout your CRM journey. This individual is imperative to have engaged early on to assist with the collection of financial data. At the beginning, this person’s role will require 4 hours a week for a few weeks.

Marketing strategist – This strategy minded individual works closely with your CRM manager on strategic planning of campaigns, goals, execution, reporting, and optimization. The strategist should plan to be involved with CRM for 5 hours a week ongoing.

Technical leader – This leader works closely with your CRM manager, especially at the beginning, to coordinate the technical requirements for your CRM database implementation. For the first 8 weeks, you will need your technical leader’s skills for 5 hours.

Technical analyst – As studies show that data integration is the number one underlying challenge for healthcare agencies and companies, having an expert analyst per data source to help extract and test data for the first 8 weeks is imperative.

If having all of these people from your organization on board from the beginning seems overwhelming, don’t fret. Influence Health has strategists that can help you corral the troops into understanding not just the importance of their role in your healthcare CRM’s success but how important your CRM is to your overall organization’s success, well beyond marketing.

Want more insight into successful healthcare CRM implementation and beyond? Download our Definitive Guide to Healthcare CRM.