Can we stop calling Facebook “Social Media”? Facebook is not only here to stay, it is now the dominant channel for media consumption, period.


These days people aren’t just spending more time online, they’re spending more time on Facebook and its related apps – 50 minutes a day, in fact. During Facebook’s Q1 2016 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg shared that of the people who use Facebook, Messenger and Instagram globally, they’re all spending an average of just under an hour a day on these apps.

From its beginnings as a purely social media network, Facebook has matured into the most significant channel for digital engagement. And what’s even more compelling is that Facebook’s rate of growth continues to accelerate. With a monthly user growth of 3.77 percent, Facebook added 12 times the users as Twitter did during Q1. And that growth is up from Q4’s 2.58 percent growth. Facebook’s revenue is up too, rising 52 percent from the previous year.

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All this growth means Facebook continues to get two things right, quarter after quarter.

  1. 1 of 5Mobile: Facebook rules mobile, and mobile dominates our media consumption. One out of every five minutes spent on a mobile phone is spent with Facebook. Which means we should consider Facebook as the premier mobile-first marketing strategy. And responsive design with mobile apps in mind is more important than ever if Facebook’s success model is any indication.

  2. Targeting: Facebook’s unique ability to target and deliver effective advertising while not ruining the user experience has been its key to growing revenue AND users. A big reason Facebook’s revenue is up is because it is an effective ad platform. Miraculously, Facebook continues to make both its users and advertisers happy.

Facebook’s ability to effectively target and reach people on mobile blows the doors wide open for healthcare engagement opportunities, which is great news for us and our clients at Influence Health. We’re excited about continued growth in the Facebook platform, but to advertise correctly and achieve the results you want, you shouldn’t do it alone. Let us help you maximize Facebook’s ability to engage healthcare consumers. As the healthcare industry’s only Facebook Marketing Partner, we have the ability to easily integrate our healthcare experience with Facebook’s targeting tools to help you create the most effective ads possible. Coupling this access with our new Predict Healthcare CRM Social Targeting tools and our extensive healthcare-specific experience allows us to help you navigate the strict Facebook advertising requirements, avoid common pitfalls and attain the results you desire from your campaigns.

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So let’s stop calling Facebook “social media,” and let’s start calling it what it is – the #1 method for reaching consumers online.

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