Posted: September 12, 2017

In my role as a Content Marketing Manager at Influence Health, I spend a lot of time thinking about hospital and health system marketers, what problems you face and how to help you find the right solution. I read, write, and edit a lot of content about strategies to reach your goals and better engage your health consumers, so these topics are very familiar. But I’m most excited to attend SHSMD in Orlando this year, not for the networking and interesting conversations I’m sure I’ll enjoy, but for the chance to sit and soak up presentations, education, and forward-thinking content about healthcare consumer experience from people and organizations who are meeting these challenges in a rapidly evolving industry every day.

With this learning from who has boots-on-the-ground mentality, I have a few major questions I’ll be looking to answer while attending SHSMD Connections this year:

1. What specific challenges are healthcare marketers facing in creating and implementing consumer experience initiatives?
2. Which organizations are having success in creating engaging consumers experiences and what insights can I learn from their journeys?

Luckily, there are more than enough sessions at the conference to help me find these answers. In addition to tracks on Strategic Planning & Business Development, Marketing, Analytics & Research, Public Relations and Communications, Digital Engagement, Leadership Development, and Physician Strategies, there are a wealth of sessions specifically focused on consumer/customer experience.

I’m looking forward to topics like:

  • Creating patient-focused web experiences
  • Innovation through technology
  • Delivering patient-chosen tools and plans
  • Offering value through virtual care
  • Strategies for the future of healthcare engagement
  • Patient journeys to help build real-time targeting and multi-channel reach
  • The consumerization of healthcare and how to compete

Hopefully you’ll get as much out of some of these sessions as I expect to. I know I’ll be using what I learn and observe to help inform my content and recommendations into the next year.
If you’re staying on for Influence! Conference, you’ll have a chance to hear more specific insights from our company’s experts, but if not, come say “Hi,” to my colleagues at the Influence Health booth, #300, on the SHSMD floor.