Posted: October 26, 2017

At Influence Health, our blog contributors are our subject matter experts, including Phil Marsicano. Phil is our Vice President of Product Management for our Digital Marketing System Here are 7 questions to get to know him better.

1. What’s your day-to-day look like?
Honestly, it varies. As a product manager, you interact with so many different people both inside and outside of the organization. A lot of time is spent gathering feedback on future product direction as well as how our existing product suite is meeting client expectations. In addition, I work with the Product and Engineering teams in defining and refining requirements for new products and features.


2. What’s the one lesson you’ve learned in this business that’s stuck with you?
Being able to balance client satisfaction with the overall direction you want to take the product suite. It’s not an easy task and requires involvement of the entire team, from Engineering to Services to Sales.

3. What’s one thing you wish our clients knew about Influence Health?
If I had to choose one thing, it would be the drive and commitment of the people who work here. The IH team works tirelessly not only in building innovative products, but ensuring existing client satisfaction with our current offering.


4. What’s the next big thing you’re working on?
We’re in the middle of rolling out a complete overhaul of our Reporting suite. Our new offering will provide much better visibility into marketing performance and our clients’ consumer base.

5. What irks you the most about healthcare today?
A lot of what goes on in healthcare is still a black box. As we become more engaged in our healthcare decisions, we as consumers need to have a better idea of the processes we will need to go through and the costs associated with any decisions we make.

6. What matters the most to you as a healthcare consumer?
As a healthcare consumer, having access to the information I need when I need it is most important. Consumers are becoming more and more involved in making healthcare decisions, and they need access to information in order to make the best decision possible. I think the healthcare industry has made great strides in this area, but there is still a way to go.

7. What’s your biggest health vice: coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, carbs?
That’s a tough one. Do I have to pick just one? I’d have to say a combination of coffee and chocolate: coffee in the morning, chocolate in the afternoon.

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