Posted: April 11, 2017

At Influence Health, our blog contributors are our subject matter experts, including Nathan Stott. Nathan is the Vice President of Platform Architecture. Here are 7 questions to get to know him better.

1. What's your day-to-day look like?

Code reviews, architecture diagramming, checking health of our clusters, planning for growth of our clusters as we ramp-up our data intake, meeting with the team to discuss assignments

2. What's the one lesson you've learned in this business that's stuck with you?

Build a team of people who take initiative. Set job responsibilities are a thing of the past. Modern business needs teams of people looking to solve problems, not individuals who want to do a set list of responsibilities every day.


3. What's one thing you wish our clients knew about Influence Health?

How much we're focused on the customer. Every engineer at this company strives to make our products meaningful, engaging, and easy-to-use for our customers.

4. What's the next big thing you're working on?


5. What irks you the most about healthcare today?

Lack of clarity about the direction forward from the government.

6. What matters the most to you as a healthcare consumer?

Cost transparency.

7. What's your biggest health vice: coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, carbs?

Coffee! Cold brew is so good!

Want to learn more about what a platform architect does? Read Nathan's post: An EDH (Enterprise Data Hub) Primer for Healthcare Marketers.