Posted: June 8, 2017

Every year marketing geeks anxiously await Mary Meeker’s report on internet trends. It’s a sort of state-of-the-union for all things digital, and this year her 355 slide deck included a new section on healthcare.

If you’re not familiar, Mary Meeker is a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), a Silicon Valley firm that helps entrepreneurs turn their life-changing ideas into dynamic and effective businesses. Mary has built a career on finding and understanding emerging trends in technology to help companies grow and change.

With credentials like that, it’s no wonder we found plenty of interest in this year’s report. Here’s what we think you should pay attention to in digital and healthcare marketing this year:

• Growth in smart phones is slowing down because we all have smartphones now.

• In the US, time spent on digital continues to increase – up to 5.6 hours per day, and mobile continues to represent the majority share of that time (55% of all time spent in digital is in mobile, 3.1 hours). (See slide 11 for more.)

• Internet ad spending is accelerating, with 22% year-over-year growth. (See slide 12 for more.)

• Mobile advertising now represents half of all internet ad spend. (See slide 12 for more.)


• Our favorite slide, #13: shows percent of time spent in media vs. percentage of dollars spent in that media. This slide shows there’s still a huge opportunity to move dollars to mobile.

• Internet ad spending is about to overtake TV. (See slide 14 for more.)

• Facebook and Google continue to dominate internet ad spending. Google is still 3 times bigger than Facebook, but Facebook is growing 3 times as fast as Google. (See slide 15 for more.)

• 26% of Facebook users that click on Facebook Ads also make purchases on Facebook. That seems like a really compelling number to us. (See slide 23 for more.)

• User Generated Content (UGC) creates a huge boost in marketing. Not surprising, but this trend is accelerating. (See slide 38 for more.)

• Mobile is causing us to rethink how we input data. Voice input and picturing taking is replacing typing. (See slides 43 and 46 for more.)

• Google Machine Learning has reached 95% accuracy in voice accuracy, which is at human level. (See slide 49 for more.)

• Product ads are becoming the new storefront. (See slide 50 for more.)

• Chat Based Customer Service is increasing rapidly. (See slide 55 for more.)

• Another great slide, slide 61: Innovative Products + Simple Choices is the way to go. Less Selection = More.

• Most widely used medical technology is now digital and connected. (See slide 292 for more.)

• There is a rapid rise of empowering data in consumers’ hands. (See slide 297 for more.)

• Digital healthcare data growth is 48%, year-over-year. (See slide 300 for more.)

• New data streams are enhancing, and maybe even accelerating, clinical trials. (See slide 304 for more.)

• Consumers increasingly expect digital health services. (See slide 308 for more.)

• Consumers increasingly use digital health tools. (See slide 309 for more.)

• Healthcare practices that leverage data optimize outcomes. (See slide 310 for more.)

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