Posted: August 15, 2017

After 5 years of service, Influence Health employees are offered the opportunity for a sabbatical. The primary purpose of the Sabbatical Program is to allow employees time to recharge, rejuvenate, and return to work re-energized. Sabbaticals are planned, strategic job-pauses during which an employee should take time to engage in activities they may not otherwise have the time to do such as travel, volunteer, do research, learn a new skill, or fulfill a lifelong dream before returning to work.

Jennifer Mallory, PMO Director, shares about her relaxing sabbatical.

1. What do you do at Influence Health and what is your title?
Director, PMO

2. Where did you go and why did you choose to go there?
I went to Target – by myself, with no children and on no schedule!! I am a working mom with 2 kids and handled all the pick-ups / drop-offs /errands. I really wanted to use this month as a break and take some down time. I had several things I needed to accomplish around the house, but overall I just wanted to see what it was like to drop my kids off and then have an entire day to do everything I usually cram in on the weekends.


3. How long did it take to plan the trip?
No time

4. What did your manager say when you asked for the time off?
You’ve earned it – enjoy!


5. Share a favorite memory or two from your trip.
I found some awesome stuff on my Target trips (gold hedgehog with a party hat that currently resides in my office). I did take 2 short weekend trips with my husband and boys and those were great. It was a relaxing time and allowed me to be a much more relaxed mom.


6. How did you feel on your first day back in the office?
I was ready to jump back in and have responsibilities outside of my house.

7. What would you tell someone worried about being gone/letting go of their projects for that long?
Don’t – go enjoy your time! Work will always be here, but this is a rare opportunity to go do something outside your norm.

8. Would you do it again? If so, what would you do differently?
Absolutely!! Not sure I’d change anything. It was fabulous.


9. Anything else you’d like to share about your sabbatical?
People laugh when I tell them I went to Target, but it’s my happy place and it was what I needed. At the end of the day, use the time to allow yourself to grow in some way. My experience allowed me to take a step back and reduce all the stress I was taking on. It was a great reset.

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