One of the biggest challenges you have as a healthcare marketer is getting buy-in -- for your ideas, your priorities, your investments, and your technology. No matter who you're selling your mission to, it's helpful to understand their priorities so you can speak their language and find common ground. This is especially true when you're trying to get physician buy-in for healthcare marketing technology solutions. You want to understand their needs to get your needs met.

So, what is it that physicians really want from healthcare marketers? We think you should focus on two things:

  • Physicians want healthcare marketers to bring them more patients.
  • Physicians want healthcare marketers to bring them more informed patients.

If you can find a way to sell physicians on the idea that your technology solutions will do either (or both) of these things, getting their buy-in and adoption should be a snap.

Let's take a look at what that means for two of your biggest healthcare marketing technology investments.

Getting Your Physicians to Care About CMS
If one major common goal between healthcare marketers and physicians is a steady flow of engaged patients who've made an informed decision to trust your organization and providers with their health, your content management system (CMS) is a great tool to get started.

The modern CMS has come a long way. Today's options offer the opportunity to center healthcare consumer needs from the first interaction and manage the digital experience throughout your entire relationship. They also offer a level of agility that empowers marketing teams to bring physician desires to life through campaigns. For example, if your physicians are complaining about patients trusting disreputable health sources, you can use your CMS as an ally in guiding patients to the informational sources your physicians prefer.

If physicians learn to see your website and content as indispensable tools in bringing them both a higher quantity and quality of patients, they're more likely to back your web and digital marketing efforts along the way.

Getting Your Physicians to Care About Healthcare CRM
A good foundation for executing personalized interactions and engaging your healthcare consumers with information relevant to them is data, and in healthcare that data most often comes from a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Not only are consumers more distracted and demanding highly-personalized interactions, they're also navigating in a dense forest of medical information and challenges. Think about issues like privacy and communication. Studies have revealed that as many as 13.2 percent of patients have withheld information from a healthcare provider out of concerns over medical record security and privacy. Healthcare marketers have the responsibility of not just informing, but of being an aid to a physician in building trust. That starts well before a visit takes place and is the exact type of task today's healthcare CRMs were built to support.

Healthcare organizations have used advanced CRMs to improve outcomes and care quality by:

  • Increasing new patient acquisition.
  • Executing on service line campaigns where targeting toward specific sub-segments of a population was needed (e.g., males with a history of tobacco use, patients dealing with asthma, pregnant women, etc.).
  • Managing new member campaigns.
  • Promoting patient portal enrollment and use.
  • Managing preventive care campaigns.
  • Informing patients about the risks of clinical trials.

Features like advanced dashboards and analytics that open insight into A/B test results, site traffic, and social engagement allow marketing teams to be the bridges between physicians and patients that will form the future of healthcare consumer relationships.

An Informed Patient is a Great Patient
Your physicians have challenges and frustrations around specific elements of patient education. If you take the time to sit down with them, you'll probably walk away with a laundry list of medical topics and treatment concerns they wished their patients knew more about. That's an opportunity for you to turn that list into personalized, targeted content that will delight your consumers and make your physicians' lives easier.

Healthcare marketers have a world of options and possibilities to choose from, but ultimately, anything that helps doctors help patients is a win for the organization. By diving into the concept of Content as a Service (CaaS), healthcare marketing teams can position themselves in their organizations as indispensable resources in addressing tomorrow's healthcare challenges.

As these campaigns evolve, they can become highly complex (just by the nature of healthcare content). A digital asset management (DAM) solution can be especially useful in helping your team feed consumer appetites for healthcare content while making sure it's organized and in-line with your physicians' preferences, especially if it's integrated into your CMS.

Consumers want to be informed, active participants in their healthcare experience, and these patients are highly desirable to physicians as well. You have an amazing opportunity to give them both what they want.

The End Result
Regardless of what your physicians' deeper goals are, alignment is key. You have a variety of tools at your disposal that can make seemingly subtle but majorly important changes to how your physicians are found and perceived online. That means ensuring that they're listed under the right directories, and that relevant, valuable content is accessible across the devices that your consumers use most. Proper use of options like in-facility kiosks, mobile-ready content, and SMS reminders build the patient connections that help your physicians do the best job possible. And if they're happy with what your department and technology solutions are doing for them, proving your team's worth will be that much easier.

Want to learn more about the essential technology solutions for improving the healthcare consumer experience to benefit patients and providers? Download our guide to Healthcare Consumer Experience Today.