Every year healthcare marketers and strategists gather to learn and network at the annual Society for Healthcare Marketing and Strategy Development (SHSMD) Conference, and this year is no different. We’re excited about the event in Seattle this year, October 7-10, because the sessions and speakers are more focused than ever on helping your organizations reach and engage your consumers across their entire healthcare journey.

We’ve highlighted some of the most interesting sessions to help you get more out of your SHMSD18 experience.

1. Data and Analytics Sessions
The proverbial data cat is out of the analytics bag. No longer can your organization afford to ignore data and its potential for driving strategy and helping build consumer insight for more marketing effectiveness and ROI. There are 6 sessions focused on data and analytics during SHSMD18, and if you’re trying to make more data-driven decisions, these sessions can show you the way.

In particular, make plans for:

Monday 10/8 @ 11:35: Using Data to Guide an Online Locations Strategy for a Complex System
Tuesday 10/9 @ 8:30: Using Data-Driven Experiential Marketing to Engage and Educate Consumers Around Choosing the Appropriate Level of Care

2. Consumer Experience Strategies to Help You Compete
We’ve been saying for years that the only true differentiator you need in healthcare is to focus on the consumer experience, creating value for your consumers through the experiences you build on your website, across social media, in search, during care, and with post-care follow-up. By focusing on the consumer and what they want and need, you’re setting your organization up to win against the competition, no matter what regulatory changes may come. Seventeen of the breakout sessions address customer or consumer experience and strategies for beating the competition.

In particular, make plans for:

Monday 10/8 @ 9:10: Listen to me! I’m Your Digital Customer! And Forget Patient Experience: The Time for Strategies to Drive the Consumer Experience Has Arrived
Monday 10/8 @ 11:35: The New Health Care Content: Where Earned Media and Social Media Intersect
Tuesday 10/9 @ 8:30: What Google and Amazon are Teaching Health Care Marketers About Website Designs
Tuesday 10/9 @ 1:50: A Tale of Three Cities: The Secrets to Successful Ambulatory Strategy Creation, Approval, and Implementation for Urban, Suburban, and Rural Markets
Wednesday 10/10 @ 8:30: Life After Relaunch: Renewing Your Website Strategy for Digital Consumer Engagement and Are We Ready to Treat Our Patients as Consumers?
Wednesday 10/10 @ 9:45: Embracing the Patient Voice to Attract the Engaged Health Care Consumer and David vs. Goliath: How Rural Hospitals Can Thrive in Competitive Markets

3. Building Trust and Loyalty for Healthcare Consumers
The pinnacle of healthcare marketing is creating experiences that foster loyalty in your patient population, something that only comes with trust in your organization and the online presence you’ve built. Of the ten sessions that address how trust and loyalty affect a healthcare organization’s success, you’ll find different approaches, both internally and externally focused. Modern marketers should get comfortable working with teams across the organization in order to affect real change and drive strategies for consumer engagement and loyalty.

In particular, make plans for:
Monday 10/8 @ 11:35: Lessons From the Shark Tank: Pitching Your Strategic Marketing Growth Plans and Budget Needs to Senior Leadership
Tuesday 10/9 @ 1:50: Trust, Transparency, and Choice: Helping Future Health Care Consumers Through Digital Engagement
Wednesday 10/10 @ 8:30: Bringing Population Health to Life: Strategies for Marketing (and Health Improvement) Success
Wednesday 10/10 @ 9:45: The Future of Health Care Strategy: Integrating Culture, Strategy, and Execution

Interested in talking more about how data and analytics factors into the success of your future healthcare consumer engagement strategies? Visit us at booth #801.