At Influence Health we’ve been talking about patient engagement for a long time – before it was even the buzzword it is today. So we’re extremely proud to be presented the 2016 North American Enabling Technology Award in the Patient Engagement Market by Frost & Sullivan.

Their report on the current state of the US patient engagement market, which you can read in full here, details the challenges healthcare organizations are facing juggling government regulations, financial objectives, growth goals, and population health concerns. While presenting these issues, the report also details the kinds of technology solutions patients and providers need to navigate this complex environment.

What Healthcare Technology Solutions Do Providers And Consumer Want?

According to Frost & Sullivan, “Technology, such as patient portals, online tools, and mobile devices, coupled with member relationship management programs will be the new normal of the US patient engagement market.”

What Providers Really Want

What Patients Really Want

• A way to identify both high- and at-risk patients so they can create personalized care plans

• Personalized care and detailed communication about their care plans

• To help patients self-manage their conditions between office visits

• Simple tools for self-management like secure communication with providers, medication and appointment reminders, etc.

• To reduce critical episodes and improve long-term health

• To improve their overall health

• To reduce readmission rates by engaging patients transitioning out of care to increase their adherence to post-care plans

• Online visibility into medical data, including condition specific education and support

• To engage consumers across the continuum of care with precision marketing efforts that influence health behaviors

• Relevant and reliable content in their search and social channels

• The ability to measure and improve upon multi-channel efforts

• Trust in their chosen provider and health system, accomplished by receiving a consistent experience across channels and platforms

• Value in a technology investment through price, performance, customer service, expertise, and partnership• Transparency in pricing and provider ratings


"Providers are prioritizing investment on patient engagement solutions that facilitate personalized interventions, drive access, and enable collaborative decision making. Patients need to be connected with their full care team across any healthcare setting through a combination of online tools, integrated patient portals, medical devices, and interactive advisory programs. Influence Health is widely revered for enabling all this and achieving much more for their customers.” – Koustav Chatterjee, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

With such a depth of understanding of the market from Frost & Sullivan, we at Influence Health are particularly pleased to be recognized as leading the charge to accomplish financial and health outcomes goals with our client partners through our technology solutions.

 “Influence Health offers a wide range of solutions that collectively activate all members irrespective of their clinical risk profiles, healthcare coverage, and position within the care continuum. … The company identifies critical patient touch points, targets patients receptive to preventive care through search, social, and email channels, and provides personalized content aimed at acquiring new members, improving patient loyalty, and managing behavioral wellness.” – F&S

We pride ourselves on being forward-thinking, of anticipating both patient and provider needs for technology solutions, of understanding that without true patient engagement, population health and financial success cannot be realized. Frost & Sullivan recognized, “Influence Health addresses not only the current providers’ needs, but also directs its effort to constantly evolving to cater to market transformation.”

Read the full report, and see for yourself the importance of unifying your consumer engagement strategy to achieve better outcomes for your organization and the people under your care.