In healthcare, whether you’re trying to acquire new patients or influence the ones you already have, you need to make sure you have the right mix of marketing messages and channels so you can meet today’s savvy consumers where they are, each step of the way. Consumer expectations have changed – they’re looking for engagement experiences from healthcare that reflect the incredible, personalized experiences they get from other industries and companies with a wide reach and popularity, like Trip Advisor, Zappos and Amazon. And with your lean budget, you need the analytics, tools and expertise to gain better marketing effectiveness and stand out from the hospital down the street.

Regardless of whether you are trying to grow a service line or educate your patient population, you need to understand how to reach your consumers effectively and in a way that speaks to them in a personal, relevant, timely and actionable way. To do this properly you will need a combination of tools, content, process and consumer behavior knowledge to ensure your campaign messages are being executed not just across ALL channels but the RIGHT channels in the right way.

To define the RIGHT way is to understand the outcome you are trying to drive, what your campaign objectives are and which lines of business your campaign touches. In order to take a look at which channels work best for specific goals and where you should focus your strategy, let’s walk through three different types of campaigns.

New Movers
Goal: Acquire New Patients
Audience: Prospects Only
Channels of Focus: Print, Facebook, Organic and Paid Search

Greeting new movers to your community is a common new patient acquisition campaign. Traditionally, a print mailer that welcomes them to the area and introduces your facilities and services can be an effective way to engage new movers, but how can we expand this to include digital in addition to the physical mail box?

Facebook campaigns are the digital compliment to these direct mail pieces, driving awareness across the social channel. Expanded new mover recipes that include this social targeting allow your welcome message to reach prospective patients in today's most heavily used digital platform.

New movers are also actively searching for provider information on Google. Expanding our audience to include keyword searches that touch both organic and paid results represents a key part of our digital marketing campaigns. In addition to paid search (SEM), you'll want to make sure your website follows SEO best practices and is up-to-date with correct addresses and positive provider ratings for the highest visibility. Plus, you need to maintain accurate listings in all online provider directories and purchase keyword-targeted paid search ads to round out the spectrum. The look and language for all channels can be similar, but you’ll want to make sure you attach a separate trackable phone number or web address to each variant to gain insight into which parts of the campaign are driving the most new business.


Service Line Growth
Goal: Gain Market Share
Audience: Prospective & Existing Patients
Channels of Focus: True Multi-Channel

For specific service line acquisition strategies, use all channels available, but remember that not all service lines are created equal. Any campaign strategy will depend on market conditions, market competition, which service line you’re promoting and the ultimate goal you’re reaching for. You’ll choose the mix of channels by understanding which are most cost efficient for generating new acquisitions based on these other factors. Digital marketing makes it easy to measure which campaigns and what collateral is working best for the desired audience. Tuning and optimizing images, ad copy and demographics, while important, are only the first steps. It is important that service line acquisition campaigns are ultimately measured based on Leads, and more importantly, Qualified Leads. Ultimately the channel which generates the most qualified leads for the least amount of money is the channel we should choose. An optimized mix comes from applying the right amount of budget per channel to produce the cheapest cost per acquisition.


Population Risk Assessment
Goal: Drive Assessment Completion & Educate Consumers
Audience: Specific Population Segment
Channels of Focus: Facebook and Print

To meet and exceed benchmarks for larger population health goals, you need to find and treat at-risk consumers, whether previously engaged with your health system or not. Advertising a health risk assessment is a great way to identify at-risk populations in your market area. For a risk-assessment completion campaign you can leverage both print and digital by balancing budgets between direct mail and Facebook campaigns, based on specific demographics in your market. Recipes for identifying these prospects have been expanded to include those candidates most likely to respond to direct mail as well as leveraging key search and social signifiers. With people spending 50 minutes or more on Facebook each day, Facebook News Feed posts with mobile-friendly landing pages can attract significant attention for your risk assessment and has proven to be the most efficient way to generate completed risk assessments.


These examples represent just a few strategies we recommend to our clients, but your unique goals and differentiators will ultimately determine the best media mix for you. We have flexible solutions for any budget or desired outcome.

Our goal at Influence Health is always to help you engage with your consumers in the smartest way possible. That means you need to make effective use of lean budgets to accomplish big goals across a variety of channels. Not only do we have strategic partnerships with Facebook and Google to give you access to deeper targeting and better visibility, but we also are focused on making your digital message seamless across more traditional avenues like print. Our solutions offer unified data and analytics for intelligent behavioral marketing across all traditional channels and extend to support search and social. And now we’ve partnered with a new print vendor so you can accomplish all your campaign needs from one source. High quality, variable printing options with onsite fulfillment services coupled with digital experience and expertise – that’s true marketing integration.

Learn more about Influence Health’s multi-channel campaign solution for an efficient marketing strategy.