Posted: September 27, 2017

Beyond being what drives our business, we believe in the value of health information technology to help transform people’s lives. It’s kind of what gets us up in the morning! So we’re excited to participate in National Health IT Week this year, October 2-6, to help spread awareness of how important health IT is for the future of healthcare.

2017 marks the 12th year of bringing awareness to health IT in this fashion. HIMSS and the Institute for e-Health Policy began the program to shine a spotlight on how healthcare technology, or a lack of it, has impacted people’s lives. Healthcare organizations like yours, providers, non-profit groups, and government agencies will all be participating in the event in various ways. Won’t you join us?

This year’s event will focus on:

  • Supporting healthcare transformation
  • Expanding access to high quality care
  • Increasing economic opportunity
  • Making communities healthier

One of the easiest ways to participate is by following along on Twitter, using the hashtag #iHeartHIT. We’ll be sharing stats and facts on the importance of health IT, and there will be plenty of other stories to hear. You can share personal stories, data from your organization, and encourage patients to share their stories as well. If you have a story of how health IT has impacted your life, you can also submit it to share on the official NHIT website.

The organization also suggests supporting National Health IT Week by:

Technology change, even in healthcare, is fast-paced, and bringing awareness to the impact of technology in our industry can help us see what kinds of technology make the biggest difference to consumers’ lives. Technology should make our lives easier and better. This event should illustrate where we’re succeeding and where we can grow for the future.

Join the conversation with us.