Raise your hand if you’ve ever been embarrassed by someone – maybe your boss, your CEO – finding a broken link on your website?

What about a spelling error or a logo left over from before your recent rebrand? And are you sure that the SEO work that you’re doing is really paying off?

Managing a healthcare website is lots of work. From accessibility to brand compliance, to privacy and to creating content that consumers can actually find in search. It’s a lot, and you need all the help you can get to keep your website running smoothly.

Enter the Digital Quality Management tool, or DQM. Or, as I like to call it … The Life Saver.

DQMs are web governance tools that help alert you to issues across the ecosphere of your web assets – anything from SEO errors and broken links to image and security compliance based on your organization’s unique rules.

Let’s recap. This is how a DQM tool can help you:

  • Ensure language, images, colors, and fonts are on brand
  • Make sure broken links, spelling errors, and a multitude of other errors never hit your public site
  • Assign errors for correction by user role, department, or across your organization
  • Implement industry standard best practices for things like SEO, web accessibility, and more
  • Lastly, it can help you share the value of your efforts with reporting on performance, lead generation, and more. And in today’s world, this is absolutely critical.

A digital quality management tool does a lot of the heavy lifting of web management for you. It’s like an extra set of eyes constantly scouring your website, making you look better at your job in the process. Win-win, right?

When you are looking for a DQM tool try to find one that’s an integrated component of your web solution, not a separate add-on that requires additional integrations & investment.

For more healthcare marketing and technology best practices or to learn about our content management system with integrated DQM visit influencehealth.com.