Posted: March 16, 2017

Did your mother ever tell you, “Pretty is as pretty does,”?

This idiom makes the point that how someone behaves is really what makes them attractive, something you most likely find out as you get to know them, and that first glance impression may not tell the whole story.

The same is true of your website.

You may be ready for a redesign – either because it’s time to freshen up your brand or you want to put your own stamp on the site – but if you’re only focused on creating a beautiful website, just looking for a fresh look and feel, you’re missing out on the true power of what a healthcare website can provide for your organization.

A website redesign is a big undertaking, one that requires an investment of time, effort, and budget, so you should be clear about your goals, how you want to put your website to work for you, before you begin. A truly stellar redesign will both look aesthetically pleasing and actually function to drive traffic and generate leads.

A website redesign organized around both form and function will not only serve your organization better in the long run, it can actually contribute to a return on your marketing investments and help grow your business.

Brand excitement and performance must both factor in to your redesign. Pretty must Do in order to Be. So how do you balance redesign aesthetics and function? How do you start such an important project off on the right footing to lay the foundation for your ultimate success? Before you ever set up wireframes or start laying out design templates, you need to define your goals.

Hospital Website Redesign Goals Checklist

Does your redesign help you:

  • Get found by more prospects
  • Convert more prospects into leads
  • Convert more leads into patients
  • Optimize the mobile user experience
  • Increase patient convenience
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Increase patient loyalty
  • Rebrand or improve your branding in a way that supports your goals
  • Connect consumers with your organization’s vision, mission, and values

Once you have your goals in place, you can start the process of vetting the right vendor to help you achieve them. If you’re tempted to use an agency to manage things for you, make sure you understand the pros and cons of agency-led websites. Or you might be looking for a CMS solution that gives you more ownership. Just be sure that whichever vendor you choose understands and agrees with your goals upfront and is committed to helping you stay on track with reaching them through every step of the process.

When your goals include better performance and better lead conversions, you need to make sure your plan includes specific, measurable objectives along the way. Otherwise, you could end up wasting your budget on a website that looks pretty but actually performs worse than before you started. But when you know what functions you’re looking for, and keep them front and center, your beautiful form can follow so you end up with a website that both IS pretty and Does pretty.

Want more tips and tools for managing a killer website redesign? Download our white paper, 5 Steps to Rock Your Healthcare Website Redesign.