Posted: March 2, 2017

A quick search online is all it takes to find valuable information on digital marketing tactics and how you can use them to achieve your marketing goals. But it boggles my mind how many hospital marketing teams are still not embracing some of the simplest, most effective, digital marketing tactics to help them achieve real value for their organizations.

If you’ve already read the 2017 digital marketing strategy checklist, this post will help you further identify opportunities to boost your organization’s digital footprint and return on marketing dollars very fast. Below are some of the best tactics often underutilized in healthcare marketing.

Content marketing tactics underutilized in healthcare

1. Personas: To make your content (copy, images, videos, etc.) appealing and successful, you have to study and understand your audience. Developing personas is the best way to understand your ideal customer so you can create personalized content that is more likely to move web visitors from exploration to engagement to conversion.

2. Personalized Messaging: Once you have developed personas, you need to ensure the right message is getting to the ideal customer. Success will depend on the words or assets you use to convey your message to each web visitor.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics underutilized in healthcare

3. Optimized Navigation: A good navigation structure should provide a great browsing experience while allowing the visitors to easily understand the breadth and depth of your organization (services, locations, value proposition, etc.). Information architecture, usability testing, and keyword research should all come together to help build up a navigation structure that will deliver a solid browsing experience matching the behavior and interests of your web visitors.

4. Optimized Meta Tags: If you have a large site with many pages, it can take a lot of time to optimize all of your content. However, your web content management system should help you optimize important meta tags, like the title tag of each page. Creating a descriptive and unique title tag for each page will help boost your ranking in search engines, improving web traffic to relevant pages. This should increase on-page engagement, leading to improved web conversions.

Social media tactics underutilized in healthcare

5. Social Meta Tags: Web users are constantly sharing content. Healthcare marketers have a unique opportunity to optimize social tags (title, page description, etc.) and control the most visible elements of pages shared socially across many platforms.

6. Social Profile Optimization: To attain social media success, you need to cover the basics first. Assuming you’ve carefully vetted the platforms your organization will participate in, and have made a commitment to continuous engagement on those platforms, it is important to properly configure and optimize each of your profiles with the core pieces of information, including an official name and logo, website, physical address, phone number, and an “about us” statement.

7. Email Marketing: Although email marketing is still a very efficient tool, many hospitals don’t use it regularly. Asking web users for permission to contact them with hospital or health updates has become the norm and can help you stay in touch with both current and prospective patients.


Conversion optimization tactics underutilized in healthcare

8. Analytics: How can we measure the success of multi-channel or digital marketing campaigns without having a plan for tracking performance? To measure overall digital marketing progress, you need to leverage the right metrics. To get started, determine the best tracking platforms for your organization, install the right tracking codes, identify your key performance indicators (KPIs), and then create custom reports and dashboards to surface data.

9. User testing: The best way to test whether you are providing a good user experience is to conduct live user testing. Seeing firsthand how users actually interact with your site, ad copy, social profile, etc., is sure to be a valuable learning experience, ultimately helping you improve conversions.

As you can see, there is no shortage of tactics and techniques to help you win in digital marketing. Invest your time and resources in the areas that will produce results!

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