Lead management presents its own unique set of challenges in the healthcare marketing world. Not only do you have to find and generate leads, but you have to help nurture them along their journey to becoming patients. Multiply this across multiple campaigns at once, and you’re living in a space that can quickly become overwhelming and leave gaps where you can lose qualified leads along the way. Great lead management requires the right mix of skill and insight. Here are six tips and best practices to make sure you’re converting the maximum number of leads into paying patients.

1) Reach and Engage Consumers in Multiple Venues. Did you know it takes at least three touch points and three weeks for a lead to transition into an actual scheduled appointment? This means you need to think carefully about your marketing mix so you can reach potential patients multiple times, across various channels, without driving them away. Crafting engaging marketing specific to each channel – from traditional print to social and search – is the way to go.

2) Measure Success with Real-Time Data. If you have multi-channel campaigns up and running, you need real-time data and reporting to make sure each channel is successful. You should define success as capturing and engaging the right consumers, re-engaging where necessary and adjusting tactics that aren’t working. Trackable phone numbers and form fills, specific to each channel and campaign, are a necessity to gain this insight.

3) Make Better First Impressions with Appropriate Follow-Up. Once a consumer calls or completes a form fill, you need the knowledge, training and staff to follow up on leads in an appropriate time and manner, even after hours. Impressions start with the first point of contact, and statistics show that when you follow up on a lead within the first 24 hours, conversion rates go up by 44%.

4) Direct Consumers to the Right Service Line. When you’re flush with phone calls from great campaigns, you need to have the right training and scripts to ensure only qualified patients move forward. Your staff should know when to redirect ineligible or other consumers to the appropriate departments, so you’re not wasting the patient’s time or that of your hospital and physicians.

5) Support New Business with Great Workflow. Bad workflow can make even good lead management practices derail at the critical juncture. Do your dashboards make handoffs clear and easy? Can you tell when it’s time to reach out again to potential patients or pass them along to schedule an appointment or consult with someone else? Workflow can even include making sure you have the staff available to handle a successful campaign. You’ll need doctors and timely available appointments for all the new leads you’re generating. Making sure you can support new business from the physician and facility side will correlate your successful campaigns with actual ROI.

6) Track Revenue with Lead Reporting Data. The final step for successful lead management will be your ability to track downstream ROI. Is your lead reporting data integrated with your patient data, so you can see when a potential patient becomes an actual patient and through to that patient’s billing and payment?

To determine a return on investment for your campaigns, you need to incorporate each of these six tips and integrate them to work together. Lead management best practices cover the entire consumer experience, from first-touch awareness to scheduling, return visits and billing. Data insight, valuable reporting and measurement of real-time multi-channel campaigns set you up to deliver the best leads across the finish line to scheduling appointments.

Influence Health can assist you in achieving your lead management goals with Optimize Unified Lead Management (ULM). Our healthcare-specific expertise supports your organization with the technological tools and training you need. ULM’s real-time reporting and dashboards help you nurture leads across various channels so qualified potential patients don’t fall through the cracks and appointments are successfully scheduled. Take advantage of our Conversion Management call center services to provide your patients with a concierge style response, helping you connect and engage along the way. With better lead management, you’ll not only demonstrate success through ROI, you’ll be helping patients find their way to better health.

To see how if you're winning the race for new patients by ensuring leads are handed off to the right people and in a timely manner, check out our infographic on lead management.