As an attendee to SHSMD (Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development) in Chicago this year, I’m looking forward to a lot of things about the conference. Not only will I get a chance to interact with clients and colleagues, but I’ll also have a chance to dive in deep on marketing strategy, discussions on the best channels for engaging consumers, measuring results for better effectiveness and more with new people, but most importantly with healthcare marketers that live and breathe this stuff like I do.

Working in corporate marketing for a healthcare marketing technology vendor means I am doubly excited about attending SHSMD. And since SHSMD is one of the leading healthcare marketing conferences each year, there are a lot of things to learn and talk about in this fast-changing landscape.

The 4 reasons I’m most looking forward to at SHSMD are:

1. Being part of the conversation. Figuring out how to connect patients with the right healthcare organizations and services through digital engagement is part of what drives us at Influence Health. Learning from others who are having success and hearing how consumer engagement is leading to improved consumer health is fascinating.

2. Hearing from leading organizations. Among those hospitals and health systems having positive experiences with healthcare consumer engagement are those standout organizations that are really shaping the landscape, inspiring other organizations and lighting the way forward.

3. Learning best practices. We all want those tricks of the trade, the tips to knowing how best to engage and nurture relationships along the healthcare journey. Discovering the best practices that successful marketers have learned through their own trial and error process saves time and can improve the entire market.

4. Discovering innovations. The beauty of the incessant pace of healthcare technology is that innovations happen all the time. When an organization finds a new digital solution to better meet consumer-driven healthcare marketing needs, this discovery can either make lives simpler or work more effective. Either way is a win.

In addition to all these conversations and lessons, Influence Health also has nearly a dozen client partners sharing their stories and how they’ve found success in things like enterprise-wide access strategy, planning and marketing a health village, growing referrals using emerging technologies, reputation and location data management, which marketing metrics really matter, rebranding, health systems becoming insurers, data-driven decision making, taking stories directly to communities and influencers, how marketers can impress their CEOs and improving the consumer experience.

Come say, “Hello,” in booth 1100, and let us know what you’re most excited to learn and who you’re most excited to hear from.