University of Colorado Health Advances Care with MEDSEEK

MEDSEEK, the only provider of a comprehensive patient influence platform for the healthcare industry, announces today that they will be working closely with University of Colorado Health (UCHealth) to advance patient engagement initiatives. The organization will be implementing both the MEDSEEK Predict healthcare customer relationship management system and MEDSEEK Convert enterprise content management system. As one of the preeminent combinations of academic medicine and community care in the country, UCHealth recognizes the need to advance patient care beyond the walls of the facility. Leveraging national, local and UCHealth patient encounter data, MEDSEEK Predict will help UCHealth identify community health patterns, predict the future medical needs of individual patients to develop and execute highly personalized marketing campaigns. By communicating one-to-one with patients through various online and offline channels, UCHealth aims to enhance patient awareness of and mitigation of their health risks and conditions. Through such patient engagement and education, UCHealth will empower patients to make lifestyle choices that can help avert chronic disease, and thus help improve population health and outcomes. The analytics data coming from MEDSEEK Predict will be leveraged by the MEDSEEK Convert-powered website to personalize site visitors’ online experience, increasing the relevance of health content and calls to action. Working with their dedicated MEDSEEK precision marketing strategist, UCHealth will further leverage analytics data to pinpoint individuals most likely to utilize online healthcare tools in order to drive adoption and utilization of their existing patient portal. “MEDSEEK Convert, when paired with MEDSEEK Predict, provides a true Amazon-like web experience to hospital website visitors. By engaging prospects and patients with exactly the right message at the right time, UCHealth will be better positioned to meet the unique healthcare needs of its constituents and simultaneously achieve cost and revenue goals,” states Dale Edwards, EVP at MEDSEEK. “We look forward to partnering with UCHealth as it works to continue its reputation as one of the premier academic and community systems in the country.” UCHealth IT Project Manager, Connie Munson states, “We are looking forward to the partnership that UCHealth and MEDSEEK are creating.” To learn more about how MEDSEEK is working to help UCHealth find, identify and engage prospects and patients, please visit or contact MEDSEEK directly at or 1.888.MEDSEEK.