ProMedica Wins Overall eHealth Excellence Award for 2013

MEDSEEK, the only provider of a comprehensive patient influence platform for the healthcare industry, today announced ProMedica Health System as the overall winner of the eHealth Excellence Awards. The award was presented at the 2013 MEDSEEK Client Congress in Austin, Texas. ProMedica was chosen as the overall winner in recognition of their eHealth vision and organizational commitment. “Our vision is to engage, connect and respond to our patients and their families for health and wellness information,” states Kathleen Merrill, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for ProMedica. Ms. Merrill along with, Leandra Hutchinson, Manager of Marketing and Mike Mikosz, Manager of Interactive Media were present at the ceremony to accept the award on behalf of the Toledo, Ohio based ProMedica Health System. As a healthcare system providing care for 2.6 million patient visits annually and with more than 2,046 licensed inpatient beds, ProMedica saw the need for a clear vision and strategy to meet not only the growing needs of the communities they serve but the increasing government requirements around Meaningful Use. ProMedica engaged with MEDSEEK early on to establish a digital strategy and a roadmap to achieve their goals. “Establishing a clear strategy has been critical for bringing ProMedica’s vision to fruition. The MEDSEEK team helped to evaluate the many ideas and initiatives within ProMedica, and guide our priorities as technology and expectations changed,” says Ms. Merrill. “ProMedica’s vision for the future of digital health shows their commitment to advancing the patient experience and MEDSEEK is proud to a part of that vision,” states Dale Edwards, EVP, MEDSEEK. The organization’s most recent project with MEDSEEK is the deployment of a patient portal. “ProMedica is preparing to exceed Meaningful Use guidelines and in the process, they are revolutionizing patient care,” Edwards explains. When asked about ProMedica’s digital health strategy, Merrill says, “Creating a seamless digital patient experience is critical for ProMedica’s long term growth and success. We continue to integrate the technology to meet the expectations and needs of our patients and their families. The health care consumer is no longer focused on just the transactions with their health care provider, but the engagement and information the system provides.”