Presence Health to Leverage MEDSEEK Predict to Promote Wellness in Community

Birmingham, Ala., April 9, 2013 –Presence Health is on a mission to promote collaboration between patients and physicians and to personalize the healthcare experience in order to make it more valuable to patients. To help Presence Health achieve these goals, MEDSEEK announces today that they have signed an expansion deal to deploy MEDSEEK Predict, a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, across the Presence Health system. Leveraging national and local data, as well as Presence Health’s patient data, MEDSEEK Predict will allow Presence Health to analyze health patterns in their community and anticipate the future needs of individual patients. Using these insights, Presence Health will be able to personalize communications to increase patient comprehension, participation and compliance. By educating patients about potential health risks and the importance of making lifestyle choices that can help avert chronic disease, Presence Health can help patients live healthier lives. Presence Health knows that consumers are faced with an overload of marketing and communications messages today and will harness the powerful segmentation and targeting capabilities of MEDSEEK Predict to ensure they are reaching the right person with the right message at the right time – increasing their likelihood to respond. “In the eight years that I have worked with MEDSEEK, they have provided excellent service and have been able to anticipate our needs. They understand that moving forward, population health management is among our primary objectives,” states Rich Matula, Director of CRM at Presence Health. “In addition to the CRM solution, MEDSEEK has an entire suite of products that work together to make the patient experience more personal and thereby improve the value to patients. We believe it is a crucial component to successfully drive population health initiatives and succeed as an Accountable Care Organization.” Dale Edwards, EVP, MEDSEEK states, “At MEDSEEK we are very passionate about helping hospitals and health systems provide patients the information they desire in the format they prefer. We look forward to growing our relationship with Presence Health to help them provide the best information and care to their community, improve wellness and achieve better results.”