NeoPath Health Selects MEDSEEK Navigate for Population Health Management

MEDSEEK announced today that NeoPath Health, Inc., an innovative health provider for employer-based health plans, has selected the MEDSEEK Navigate solution for population health management.

NeoPath provides employers a unique care model for their employees. Every employer has an onsite clinic and offers employees significant incentives for receiving preventative care, such as zero co-pay doctor visits. In addition, NeoPath utilizes the best available facilities for major issues, ensuring their patients receive high quality care.

To make this model work, NeoPath needed to provide the best care possible and contain costs. They chose to do this by implementing a health population management system to identify at-risk patients, stratify those patients into risk pools, and direct care managers in their efforts to actively engage these patients and intervene to lower risk and improve patient outcomes.

“We looked very carefully for our health population management partner, and chose MEDSEEK because they have the most complete solution on the market,” said Joe McErlane, CEO, NeoPath. “We consider our approach to be leading-edge, and require a partner with the same commitment to thought leadership in population health management.”

Mr. McErlane continued, “MEDSEEK Navigate integrates multiple disparate data systems, providing our clinical leaders with leading edge health data visibility for our patient populations. It allows us to produce client reporting that is meaningful, precise and far more robust than what they have received before. Not only are we are changing the way health is received, delivered and paid for; we are now applying the same philosophy with our data. We will be executing with data and not just reviewing and planning forward, we will be planning and acting on it daily.”

MEDSEEK Navigate is a cloud-based, comprehensive population health platform. Leveraging standards-based integration methodologies, the solution integrates data from myriad clinical, financial and administrative systems, giving provider organizations the ability to understand and stratify their data. It stratifies patients into groups based on standard identification strategies for HEDIS and PQRS as well as individual behaviors. These groups can be further stratified using predictive models and groupers, including Johns Hopkins ACGs, ETGs, Verisk, ERGs, Medstat, or customized definitions. In addition, provider organization can create multiple customized disease registries and disease definitions.

After patients with the highest potential for improvement have been identified, the care management team can easily create personalized care plans to automatically and interactively engage them in better self-management. MEDSEEK Navigate integrates fully with MEDSEEK’s CCHIT-certified enterprise patient portal, MEDSEEK Empower. MEDSEEK Navigate also provides team-based communications for care managers, physicians, nurses and others involved in a patient’s care.

“We are very impressed with NeoPath’s inventive approach to patient care and are excited to bring in the population health management tools needed to help them identify and intervene with high-risk patients,” said Peter Kuhn, CEO, MEDSEEK. “NeoPath understands that accurate identification of the right patients, combined with active and effective care management, is the key to true population health management.”

To learn more about how MEDSEEK’s digital Influence platform can support your population health and care management efforts, visit or contact us at 888.MEDSEEK.

About NeoPath

NeoPath Health, Inc. conveniently delivers personalized healthcare via onsite clinics to fully insured and self-funded employers. Our approach fundamentally reengineers medical care delivery, not only shifting care from reactive to proactive, but creating a patient centric system which rapidly matches their needs to the right resources. Employers can expect to see improvements in health status, lowered health care costs and empowered employees taking control of their health. Partnering to deliver the NeoPath Health solution suite will enable employers to actively manage their medical cost trend while nurturing or creating a culture of health for their organization.

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