MEDSEEK Goes Mobile by Partnering with Tactio Health Group

Tactio Health Group, a leader in providing science-based mobile apps for healthcare consumers to track their health and physical activity, and MEDSEEK, the only provider of a strategic patient influence platform, announced today that they will partner to help healthcare providers better engage patients in keeping track of their health anywhere and anytime using their personal smartphones and tablets, along with popular off-the-shelf connected health devices.

As healthcare moves away from almost exclusively physical to numerous virtual online and mobile touch points, hospitals today are facing a challenging transition in the way they interact with consumers. MEDSEEK is bridging the gap by helping hospitals and health systems better predict the needs of individuals, convert high value prospects into loyal patients, and empower patients to make better health-related choices so they can live longer, healthier lives.

“By reaching patients on their smartphones and tablets, MEDSEEK gives healthcare organizations a new way to engage with patients, deliver just-in-time health coaching and further influence decisions that positively affect patient outcomes and costs,” states Kyra Hagan, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for MEDSEEK. “Partnering with Tactio provides an additional avenue to help healthcare organizations embrace and reinforce patients in their efforts to better self-manage, which is the silver bullet for improving population health. Our partnership will provide a cost-effective and consumer-friendly way to bridge the information gap that exists today between physical encounters, enabling providers to have more meaningful, data-informed conversations with patients about how they are doing between visits and to help reinforce healthy behaviors that are important for them to achieve their personal goals.”

With nearly 4 million mobile health app downloads in 16 languages connecting to dozens of popular connected health and fitness devices, Tactio brings a new mobile way to encourage patients to track their health and provides a new mobile platform to reach into patients’ everyday lifestyle enabling just-in-time patient education and coaching for a fraction of the current remote patient monitoring cost through the power of the mHealth and B.Y.O.D. business model.

When patients track their health in the privacy of their smartphones and get the coaching from the provider they trust, it encourages improved care and overall health. “Together with MEDSEEK, patients can now enjoy tracking their health and active lifestyle on their iPhone, iPad and Android devices, while receiving the just-in-time coaching they need to live a healthier, more active lifestyle or to keep control of their chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis and COPD,” states Michel Nadeau, P.Eng., President, CEO and Founder of Tactio. “With consistent branding between the organizations website, patient portal and mobile health tracking apps, patients are able to carry the provider brand they trust with them everyday, everywhere.”

To find out more about enhancing your patient engagement strategy with mobile health tracking, stop by either the MEDSEEK Booth #2016 or the Tactio Booth #821 at the HIMMS Conference in Orlando or contact us at or

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