MEDSEEK Announces Acquisition of Additional Data Sets for Predictive Analytics Solution

MEDSEEK, a provider of strategic patient influence software, announced today they have partnered with a leading reseller of healthcare data to bring users enhanced analytics utilizing a comprehensive set of clinical and billing information.

The newly-acquired external market data will be combined with MEDSEEK’s existing rich client utilization data set, allowing healthcare organizations using the MEDSEEK Predict Physician Relationship Management (PRM) system to identify patterns in consumer utilization, physician referral and volume leakage within their systems. Advanced data visualization tools and dashboards will give executives and physician liaisons the insights they need to better understand their market share, protect, redirect and grow their business, and prepare for population management.

“With the acquisition of this large data set, MEDSEEK clients will have greater insight into the behavior of patients and prospects and how those behaviors affect their business. They will have greater opportunity to attract and retain the most at-risk patients,” stated Venky Ravirala, PhD, Chief Analytics Officer, MEDSEEK.

In addition to new referral and leakage reports for MEDSEEK Predict PRM, the recently acquired data will further improve the predictive power of the proprietary MEDSEEK Propensity models. These models enable marketers to identify the ideal prospects and patients for their marketing campaigns and aid clinicians in segmenting patient populations by health risk, which will be critical to establishing decision support for the MEDSEEK population health management platform, MEDSEEK Navigate.

“Fundamental shifts in reimbursement and an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape demand that healthcare organizations develop new approaches to attract and engage physicians, patients and prospect populations and protect their profitable volume,” stated Kyra Hagan, Sr. Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, MEDSEEK. “With the advances in MEDSEEK Predict and MEDSEEK Predict PRM, our client organizations will be more successful—saving more lives and making more profit—because their decisions will be grounded in solid data designed to maximize the probability of positive outcomes.”

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