Jeff Allegrezza

Jeffrey Allegrezza, Senior Vice President, Infrastructure and Security

As Senior Vice President of Infrastructure and Security, Jeff oversees Influence Health's hosting infrastructure. He has a systems view of the world, with a love of technology and code writing since childhood, and enjoys dealing with large, complex systems in particular. So Jeff has found working in healthcare and watching Influence Health’s software be used to benefit real patients and providers especially rewarding and keeps him motivated and inspired.

Jeff has 22 years of experience leading technical teams and has held key roles in engineering, product management, operations and customer service. Prior to joining Influence Health, Jeff held leadership positions at Verizon, MCI Telecommunications and World Commerce Systems.

After graduating from Mississippi State University, Jeff architected one of the first internet services providers in the United States. Jeff and his teams pioneered large scale web hosting, satellite internet service and the wide scale use of corporate intranets and extranets. Jeff served on a number of technical advisory boards and was an active participant in MCI Telecommunication's Enterprise Security Task Force.