Proven enterprise patient portal


The Empower enterprise patient portal breaks down silos and provides patients with a comprehensive, intuitive health management tool that works across the organization. Designed in partnership with consumers of all ages and socio-economic and health statuses, Empower encourages patients to take an active role managing their health. Whether they are focused on prevention, recovering from an acute illness or managing a multitude of chronic conditions, Empower improves their ability to self-manage, resulting in better outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction.

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"Influence Health’s vendor-agnostic approach to integration will equip us to not only offer a unified view of inpatient and outpatient information, but also the interactive tools for patient-provider collaboration. Our primary driver is doing what’s right for the community and for the physicians. That’s what we’re here for."

Ed RicksCIO, Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Consolidated Patient Portal Experience

Empower works with any system, and, as a best-of-breed ICSA Labs Meaningful Use certified patient portal, is compliant with any back-end system used to house data. The portal’s staff interface and workflow are highly configurable, readily accommodating a healthcare organization’s internal processes to route and triage patient requests with appropriate urgency. Robust healthcare applications make it easy to roll out features on both web and mobile devices with speed and agility.

Patient Engagement Tools

Patients can take an active role in managing their health using web and mobile-friendly tools to schedule appointments, communicate with staff, order prescription refills, view their health records and more. Intuitive tools make it easy for patients to track their own healthcare as well as family members. A collaborative health record provides user-friendly panels, making it easy for patients to digest and understand information.

Better Patient Outcomes

Empower improves outcomes by providing patients with a comprehensive view of their medical record and makes it easy for them to perform desired actions: exchange secure messages with their care team; request a prescription renewal, referral or appointment; learn more about their condition with personalized health content; and stay on track with automated reminders, virtual consultations (e-visits) and progress tracking tools.

Empower provides patients and families with the information and tools they need to achieve their health and wellness goals. When integrated with the Navigate population health solution, Empower makes it easier for the care team to engage patients in their personalized care plan, positively influencing health decisions and behaviors well before and well after a visit.