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Influence Platform

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Influence Platform

Influence Decisions, Behavior and Results

The Influence platform integrates Web, mHealth, predictive analytics and precision marketing technologies to help hospitals differentiate from their competitors by engaging prospects and patients outside the four walls, before and after a physical encounter. It gives an organization the power to influence decisions and behaviors that impact both patient health and costs.

3 Key Reasons Hospitals Need an Influence Platform

  1. Healthcare is going virtual.

    Hospitals are facing a challenging transition in the way they interact with consumers as healthcare moves away from almost exclusively physical to numerous virtual touch points.

  2. Healthcare consumers have high expectations.

    Healthcare organization's existing IT investments have been built for clinicians and don't easily extend into the consumer realm. Existing vendors lack consumer focus and expertise.

  3. Patient-centered care starts with alignment.

    Investing in a smattering of technologies that don't share content or work in synergy is complex and often leads to redundancy and gaps. A comprehensive platform can better achieve the strategic goals of marketing, clinical care teams and hospital executives.

Influence Platform Capabilities

The Influence platform boasts a modern, modular architecture, multi-channel support and deep capabilities. Together, these capabilities help hospitals and health systems better predict the needs of individuals, convert healthcare consumers into loyal patients and empower patients to make better health-related decisions so they can live longer, healthier lives.

Core Products:

The following software products bundle together a number of applications and capabilities to help hospitals achieve very specific business goals. Any of the core solutions can be licensed and deployed separately; however, the power to influence is multiplied when they are integrated.  



Predict is a healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps hospital marketers grow service line revenue and proactively manage population health by determining which patients and prospects are most likely to develop a specific medical condition or use a medical service.

Learn More About Predict

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Convert helps hospitals, health systems and academic medical centers deliver rich, interactive websites that are highly personalized to drive profitable volume through patient acquisition. The system blends intuitive content management capabilities with advanced healthcare-specific applications to enable non-technical users to harness the enterprise power of Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010.

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Empower is a best-of-breed enterprise patient portal for organizations that want to increase satisfaction, loyalty and outcomes by providing patients and authorized caregivers a consistent, comprehensive health management tool across care settings, regardless of the backend systems being used to house data.

Learn More About Empower

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Navigate is a comprehensive care management system that enables providers to identify, manage and engage low-risk, rising-risk and high-risk patients to prevent hospital readmissions, eliminate gaps in care, and lessen financial risks associated with emerging value-based payment plans.

Learn More About Navigate

Built for Flexibility.

Available in multiple deployment and pricing options, on-premise, dedicated hosted or shared hosted, perpetual license or SaaS, the Influence platform can be implemented all together, or one product at a time, to help hospitals achieve their strategic goals.


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