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Provider organizations across the country are achieving remarkable business results with Influence Health’s innovative, automated and highly personalized digital markeing and engagement platform. Comprised of both a Digital Marketing Cloud for patient acquisition and a Patient Engagement Cloud for patient activation, it is the only solution on the market that brings together all the required data, analytical insights and tools needed to identify, engage and activate low-, rising- and high-risk patients and populations well beyond the physical care setting. In today’s patient-centric, post-reform healthcare environment, the Influence Health platform is the secret weapon used by hundreds of the nation’s leading health systems and top community hospitals to positively influence the consumer choices, decisions and behaviors that affect growth, volume, quality outcomes and financial performance.

Drive Growth

Patient acquisition remains the cornerstone of revenue growth for most hospitals. Our Digital Marketing Cloud of solutions targets prospects with the highest propensity to convert to patients, including new movers and the newly insured. Coupled with a strategic physician relationship management program, executives have the intelligence and tools they need to beat the competition.

Balance the Bottom Line

As the market shifts towards risk- and quality-based payment models, executives must arm marketing, IT and clinical teams with tools to help them take on a broader set of responsibilities. The Influence Health platform helps these teams work in synergy to drive profitable volume, manage utilization, improve patient satisfaction scores, reduce avoidable readmissions and operate population health initiatives more cost effectively.

Improve Outcomes

Quality outcomes and financial performance improve when executives equip their organizations with the tools necessary to identify, engage, activate and manage at-risk patients. The Patient Engagement Cloud of solutions has all the tools needed to help organizations identify high-risk and rising-risk patients, reduce preventable readmissions, manage utilization, close gaps in care and otherwise improve clinical outcomes.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

We’re passionate about transforming healthcare from a patient perspective. The Influence Health platform delivers convenient, self-service tools and supports a collaborative, patient-centered approach to care. This helps executives deliver a first-class patient experience and improve patient satisfaction scores.


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Digital Marketing and Engagement Platform



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  • For Marketers

    Plan, execute and measure integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns — in less time and with fewer hassles — with a proven suite of healthcare digital marketing solutions.

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  • For Clinicians

    Prevent hospital readmissions, close gaps in care and improve quality outcomes with healthcare’s most intuitive combined care management and patient engagement solution.

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"Consumer choice means providers need to selectively market their services and it’s interesting how Influence Health does it with a consumer user interface that is as familiar as Facebook and Outlook. The company seems to get the connection between clinical patient engagement and provider marketing better than anyone."

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