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About Influence Health

Influence Health provides software that helps healthcare organizations engage and activate patients where they are, in a personalized way, for impactful outcomes.

Why We Exist

At Influence Health, we wake up thinking about the patient -- how we can help individuals and families become wiser, healthier and stronger, using technology, and how we can enable marketers, providers, employers and payers to positively influence and support healthy consumer decisions and behaviors, every day. Because after all, we are all consumers, and don’t we want the best technology and tools for our own health, families and communities?

When We Started

Influence Health (formerly MEDSEEK) was founded in 1996 to create phenomenal web-based solutions that help healthcare organizations find, attract and retain loyal consumers. Today, Influence Health solutions extend an organization’s reach well beyond the physical care setting to influence consumer choices, decisions and behaviors that affect volume, outcomes and financial performance in today’s patient-centric, post-reform healthcare environment.

What We Do

By using personalized, persistent and interactive engagement, healthcare organizations can meet patients where they are to best activate them to participate in their health. We help organizations do this by offering both a Digital Marketing Cloud for healthcare marketers and a Population and Patient Engagement Suite for clinicians. The marketers’ suite is comprised of a powerful customer relationship management solution, a robust multi-channel digital program management tool, an intelligent marketing automation engine, an intuitive web content management system, an integrated marketing results management tool and a superior physician relationship management solution to help organizations connect, engage and inspire consumers. The clinicians’ suite encompasses an enterprise patient portal, a comprehensive population health management solution and an extensive clinical portal to help healthcare organizations influence health consumers well beyond the hospital’s walls and increase provider satisfaction and convenience. The Influence Health platform solutions work alone or synergistically, helping organizations acquire a greater number of new patients, provide a better patient experience, improve patient self-management and increase patient loyalty.

Who We Are

Influence Health is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama with offices additionally in Mississippi, Wisconsin, Georgia, California and remote offices throughout the country. Comprised of some of the country’s best and brightest, our over 275 employees are experts in marketing, healthcare, IT, population health, care management, product development, UX, project management, strategic account management, executive leadership and more. Influence Health’s breadth and depth of staff helps us create and deliver superior solutions to enhance patient and population health for generations to come.

Influence Health has been recognized as a:

Influence Health partners with healthcare organizations:

  • In 46 U.S. states and multiple provinces in Canada
  • Including 250 clients, representing 1,100 hospitals
  • Managing more than 80 million patient records